Robotic Process Automation Product of the Year 2023

A guide to Robotic Process Automation business benefits

Document Logistix and Lemmana win 2023 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Product of the Year Award.

Robotic Process Automation Product of the Year 2023

Robotic Process Automation Product of the Year 2023Document Logistix is delighted to announce that we won the 2023 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Product of the Year at the prestigious Document Manager Magazine Awards. We won the RPA award in combination with our partner Lemmana Content Services.

For nearly thirty years, our constant mission at Document Logistix has been to help our customers to improve business processes. We help in critical business areas, including: data ingestion, workflow efficiency and routing accuracy, regulatory compliance, reporting, data retention and purge, staff productivity and team collaboration. Digital document management translates into business agility and measurable savings.

Artificial intelligence is today’s business game-changer: The benefits of AI and RPA

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are allied to robotic process automation. As always, Document Logistix is at the forefront of the document management software sector. We are harnessing RPA to improve the world of work, across service delivery, quality, productivity and profitability.

  1. Better business decisions
    Organisations increasingly use AI to make better informed, more accurate decisions.

  2. Productivity gains
    Efficiency and productivity gains are measurable benefits of AI. AI manages tasks at volumes and speeds, and with accuracy, that humans cannot match. AI eliminates manual, mundane and repetitious tasks, and enables staff to make more of their time and talent.

  3.  Improved speed of business
    AI helps the digital age to move even faster, notably in business administration and customer services.

  4. Workflow automation
    AI analyses and, through machine learning, is capable of improving every business workflow, from Accounts and Procurement, to HR and Helpdesks.

  5. Coping with unstructured data
    AI can be deployed to interpret and manage unstructured data.

  6. AI vigilance
    AI's capacity to process volumes of data means that organisations benefit from monitoring that alerts supervisors to potential issues involving workflow bottlenecks, payments and maintenance.

  7. Error reduction
    Digitisation enables organisations to embed best-practice and company policies into workflows. Robotic process automation manages rules-based tasks and eliminates human error, while machine learning means that processes can be improved continually.

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Document Logistix and Lemmana

The combination of Lemmana machine learning and Document Logistix’ Document Manager enables organisations to undertake digital transformation with confidence and improve business performance by teaching the centralised system to manage documents quickly and accurately.

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