True eDiscovery for your District Attorney Office

This video explains how Document Manager helps the legal system to achieve secure, reliable, auditable eDiscovery. Document Logistix helps Attorneys offices in the US to implement and manage eDiscovery systems that serve defenders and prosecutors and fulfil regulations regarding evidence, whether documents, photographs, video or audio assets. eDiscovery is fast and verifiable and highly cost-effective compared with manual processes.

DLX at the 8th Information Capture Conference, Berlin.

Across the event Jason Field had the chance to share his thoughts on the event & explain the solution with the Fujitsu fi-7300NX or Fujitsu fi-800R.

Document Manager and Lemmana

Document Manager and Lemmana

Document Manager and Lemmana combined facilitate AI and machine learning. Lemmana integrates with Document Manager to enable an end-to-end process from document capture to validation and release. Ultimately, documents and the data they contained are automatically purged by Document Manager when they reach the end of their mandatory retention period.

Find out more about Lemmana

Dynamic workflow improves on rigid review processes of the past

Dynamic workflow improves on rigid review processes of the past

Dan Wazjner describes how innovative dynamic workflow design enables companies to take an ambitious new look at how they evaluate and implement rules-based processes. From goods inward, through Approvals, to QA and despatch companies can review and implement new workflows faster and more effectively than ever before. Plus, how new e-discovery solutions are helping District Attorneys in the US with transparency and compliance.

HR Electronic Document Management Video

Chris Gubbins talks about the documentation challenges he finds being faced by Human Resources departments and HR Professionals today. He explains how Document Logistix helps with information capture, storage and retrieval to streamline processes and reduce admin, which typically results in a return on investment within a year.

Fujitsu fi-3460 & fi-3480 scanners

Fujitsu fi-3460 & fi-3480 make great replacement and upgrade scanners, and measurably reduce maintenance and consumable costs. Integrate document capture with Document Manager workflow. Talk to us about efficient document capture and data conversion so you can share and manage information effectively.

Document Management First Steps

Emilie Barlow explains the first steps she takes with customers to make sure they get the right document management solution for their needs. Document Logistix helps all departments, company types and industry sectors improve workflow and productivity with document management software and solutions.

Customer Needs Video

Charl Sheehan discusses the importance of understanding the customer’s needs in detail in order to provide an electronic document management solution that delivers a measurable return on investment. Document Logistix provides simple-to-use DM solutions to help companies facing change driven by budgets, productivity challenges and legislation.

Demo Document Manager from Document Logistix

Demonstration of Document Manager by Document Logistix

Workflow definitions video

Tim Cowell, Kevin Kurek and Jason Field discuss document management workflow definitions. The introduction of document management solutions enables companies to take a fresh look at the specific steps in their workflow, including data capture, approvals, payments and records management. Rules-based workflow checkpoints help create consistent processes.

Document Management Trusted Advice

Kevin Kurek describes how important it is for document management solutions consultants to act as trusted advisers for clients, in order to explain technical matters using the client’s own terminology. Careful project definition is essential to achieve predictable results.

Document management demo using client data

Jason Field describes how he gets staff input, from directors to clerks, to tailor DM solutions, and uses client data and terminology in demos so everyone’s clear about how the system will work.

Document Management Industry Experts

Vicky Le Geyt directs enquiries to industry-specific specialists who can provide examples of effective electronic document management solutions from your business sector.

Document Manager for Healthcare


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