Paperless HR – Automated, Productive and Compliant

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Paperless HR – Automated, Productive and Compliant


We will help you to solve your business process challenges with secure centralized data and AI- powered workflow routing.

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Document Manager enables HR professionals to digitise, centralise and manage complex documents effectively and compliantly.


HR departments manage a vast number and many different types of documents. HR departments also play a significant role in forwarding corporate objectives and maintaining the health of the business. Digital processes, centralised records and automated workflows enable HR professionals to work efficiently and effectively. 

The benefits of integrating your HR solution with a full document management system
It would be true to say that finance departments were the earliest adopters of electronic document management (EDM). In recent years, however, EDM has migrated across most departments and HR is adopting digitisation for many compelling business-critical reasons.  

Access control, a single point of storage and communication, GDPR compliance and automated retention/deletion all provide significant benefits in terms of workflow efficiency and security. Document Logistix award-winning software, Document Manager (Product of the Year 2022), can be fully integrated with most HR solutions. Document Manager enables organisations to store documents and data in a secure, cross-departmental central hub, to avoid risks of duplication, mis-filing, loss and unlawful retention.
The system also allows administrators to manage and closely control data access levels. HR departments store sensitive information, so each system user can be restricted to access only the information they need to perform their job.
Document Manager dashboard provides clarity

Document Manager dashboard provides clarity

Document Manager provides each system user with an at-a-glance view their work, which can be customised to suit their own priorities and preferences, with pinned searches and frequently conducted tasks. The dashboard also helps to head-off potential bottlenecks and helps to guard against oversights.

The power of instant document search

Managing thousands or millions of HR records makes the prospect of manual search simply impracticable. Simple search techniques frequently show duplicate or multiple versions of the same document, and version control is impossible unless search criteria is totally accurate.

Users of Document Manager experience the most powerful search capabilities, with simple to use filters that clearly identify documents by a wide range of search parameters. Saved, pinned searches reduce workloads and time-stamped audit trails ensure accountability at document level.

Eliminate document gaps

It is a common complaint among knowledge workers that they waste too much time searching for documents that are either missing or out of date. In HR departments, the problem is compounded by the fact that the missing documents could be crucial either to compliance or to the wellbeing of staff. Document Manager enables users to identify document gaps and ensure that all required documentation is complete.

Manage data privacy requirements

Organisations are obliged to govern access to internally-held sensitive information, while GDPR legislation imposes strict rules on how personal data is shared that has highlighted the need for masking (redaction) solutions.

A company’s stored documents cover a vast range of information and topics, from company accounts and HR records to proprietary assets and criminal case matter. There are many instances when an individual will need access to some of the information contained in a document, but some aspects of the document are too sensitive for unauthorised people to see.

To protect sensitive information in digital documents (whether scanned or electronic in origin), appropriate access rights can be assigned so that if a staff member does not have rights, information will be completely ‘blacked out’. For example, an employee’s pay schedule or transaction dates may be readable, but their bank details could be redacted.

Access rights can be granted progressively and automated so that system users see more or less of a document, depending on what they need to see to carry out their job.

 Manage data privacy requirements

Manage data privacy requirements


omprehensive audit trails

Comprehensive audit trails

Security is a significant factor in best-practice HR operations. Systems integration provides a full record of each time a user accesses the system and a time-stamped log of activity. Records are instantly available to fulfil internal quality checks and external audits, as well as to monitor system activity for potential abuse.

A rules-based system requires minimal IT or management intervention and facilitates employee self-service, which greatly reduces the amount of time spent by key staff on low-level admin tasks.

Simplify the document life-cycle

Document Manager enables HR departments to automate workflows from the time of data ingestion through all administrative, archiving and deletion phases. Auto-routing ensures that documents are viewed, approved and stored appropriately.

The introduction of GDPR in 2018 placed an even greater duty of care on HR professionals in terms of the data they keep and how it is stored. Data privacy compliance was further complicated by moves to remote working practices and the use of more electronic documents.

Document indexing on upload and automated system alerts enable customers to embed company policies and best-practice in their daily operations, to reduce error and boost productivity. Complete histories of large amounts of complex data can be produced in seconds to satisfy strict audit standards.

Manage complex mandatory data retention and data purge schedules

Document Manager helps organisations to manage and automate data privacy from the time information is captured, through mandatory retention periods, to the time data is purged (destroyed).

HR documents have specified lifespans that vary across standard employee records, disciplinary records, visas and ‘right to work’ documents, pensions, and many different types of information. Paper systems, manual data management and non-automated systems create a multitude of problems, from simple logistical issues associated with mass storage, access and staff time, to human error and even the potential for negligence or malpractice.

Digital document management makes it simple for organisations to identify and store documents by type so that they can be retrieved, reviewed, annotated, retained or destroyed according to company policies and industry regulations.
Integrate HR with business-critical systems

Standalone systems can lead to duplication of effort and wasteful inefficiency. Integrating business systems enables companies to streamline resources and maximise the value of data. Document Manager provides a secure, reliable centralised information hub accessible by multiple departments to empower people working in any role to be their most productive.

Plus, at times of expansion, regulatory change, merger or acquisition, Document Manager adapts to meet new requirements.

Integrate HR with other business-critical systems

Document Manager is future proof

As your needs change, Document Manager is sufficiently flexible to adapt to meet new requirements. .

When the People and Culture Directorate at Queen’s University Belfast embarked on an HR Digital Transformation project, digitisation of personal files was uppermost in the technology strand of the project..

The Head of HR valued the innovative way in which Document Manager captures all documents through multiple channels, which greatly speeds the information acquisition process and document checking, and reduces errors that can lead to costly audit failures. Users also valued Document Manager's dashboard as it ensures processes are being followed and provides a very simple and fast overview.

Read recent case study: Queen's University Belfast

Simplify the on-boarding process. In the USA, one of our customers struggled with the sheer weight of documents associated with on-boarding new members of staff to work in multiple US locations. By digitising processes, the company was able to overcome admin challenges caused by volume and variable regional requirements.. 

Read digital on-boarding case study: RobRoy Industries

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