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Mon Jun 5, 2023

Extract maximum value from your document management assets. Centralise data for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

How quickly, widely and accurately information is accessible throughout a business are important for success. Slow responses and inaccurate answers can be disastrous and lead to poor decision making, purchase abandonment and customer defection.

The history of document management (DM) is fascinating. Putting cave paintings aside as a data…


Tue Feb 7, 2023

Document data management trends in the Housing sector in 2023

The pandemic certainly prompted organisations to view digitisation as a way to streamline business processes and allow for contingencies.

Today, emerging challenges mean that 2023 is likely to be another transformational year in digital document management.

Emilie Martin, Sector Sales Manager at Document Logistix, predicts…


Tue Jan 10, 2023

Top 5 document data management trend predictions for 2023

Certainly, COVID-19 prompted organisations to view digitisation as a way to achieve a more agile and scalable IT infrastructure to streamline business processes and allow for contingencies.

A combination of recent events and emerging process challenges mean that 2023 is likely to be a transformational year in digital document management.



Wed Dec 14, 2022

How to reap the benefits of intelligent document data processing

We are delighted that our integration partners, Lemmana and Ricoh, also won major recognition at this year’s Document Manager Awards, for Compliance Product of the Year and Hardware Product of the Year for the fi-8170 scanner respectively.

Data-driven efficiency Data has become the cornerstone of the…


Thu Dec 1, 2022

Document Logistix win two major 2022 awards, for Document Management and for Records Management

Document Logistix win Document Management and Records Management Product of the Year 2022

At the annual industry document management flagship awards, hosted by Document Manager magazine, Document Logistix won the 2022 Document Management Product of the Year award and the Records Management…


Thu Aug 4, 2022

How much of a role does paper play in your business? Should you eliminate paper, scan documents, adopt a hybrid approach or stay as you are?

There are - perhaps surprisingly -  still a vast number of paper archives and paper is still commonly used in daily business operations. Going entirely paperless is not always the answer but digitising data held in paper records is increasingly essential to remain efficient and compliant.

Consider these paper-based…


Thu Jul 7, 2022

Total solution comprising cutting edge data capture and automated workflows powered by artificial intelligence.

Document Logistix and its partners recently demonstrated this truly next-generation workflow solution at AIIM in London.

Demonstrating data capture and AI routing We are delighted by the number of people who have taken up our offer to learn more about 360° information capture and data management…


Mon Jun 20, 2022

Faster digital transformation speeds are possible. Group enhances Accounting processes.

Scottish housing organisation Hillcrest successfully implemented comprehensive digital processes in Accounts departments across its four businesses in a fraction of the time usually required.

Pandemic stimulates thinking about business agility Hillcrest prioritised its plans to upgrade its…


Tue Jun 7, 2022

2022 expectations for digital document management: faster implementation and artificial intelligence

An expert’s view of unprecedented digitisation opportunities

Emilie Martin, Document Logistix’ Housing specialist, reports, “In the past two years we have helped customers to implement digital data management systems at speeds previously thought impossible, typically…


Mon May 2, 2022

The new best friends of people and business: digitisation and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot tech topic that gets hotter every day, in sectors from Finance to Medical. In the world of digital document management AI and machine learning (ML) enable people and organisations to work faster, smarter and more accurately.


Fri Feb 18, 2022

How do logistics and transportation firms cope with three document management game-changers: GDPR, Brexit and the pandemic?

The introduction of GDPR in 2018 meant that all organisations were forced to implement strict data management controls. Logistics and transportation companies historically held large quantities of paper records on customers, orders and staff. The management of records is further complicated by the varying lengths of time…


Tue Jan 18, 2022

Environmental policy for a greener workplace and a sustainable future

The likely fragility of the world's environment has been in the headlines on a daily basis in recent years. Commentators suggest that pressures on the environment affect the planet's health and threaten people's well-being across multiple issues from accelerating climate change to diminishing resources and increasing threats…


Wed Dec 15, 2021

Pandemic changed the rules as digital business processes became an urgent requirement

The pandemic meant that digital business processes became an urgent requirement, which posed challenges for company culture, implementation speed and data migration!

Do you face these challenges in your organisation? Would you like to digitise business processes but have too many manual- or paper-based systems?…


Mon Nov 22, 2021

Document Logistix win Document Management Product of the Year 2021

Document Logistix win Document Management Product of the Year 2021

At the annual industry flagship awards, hosted by Document Manager magazine, Document Logistix won the 2021 Document Management product of the Year award. The company was also runners-up in the Document Management Project…


Mon Oct 18, 2021

How fast can you implement digital processes safely now they are essential to your business?

In a very short time, the Covid-19 crisis brought about years of change in the way companies in all sectors conduct business. According to a McKinsey…


Tue Sep 7, 2021

If you could track all PIRs on one screen, would you donate your Post-it notes to charity?

Track public information requests (PIRs)


Wed Jun 2, 2021

Housing sector lockdown lessons: Digital processes matter

As lockdown restrictions ease, many companies are reviewing their digital processes. There is discussion about the potential for hybrid working, which, for historically office-based companies, will mean system upgrades. The pandemic has forced every business to examine…


Tue May 4, 2021

The pandemic highlights a critical need for digital processes

Nationwide lockdowns forced lessons on many organisations. Business managers learned that trust in staff is paramount, and that location is largely irrelevant. Business culture became more important than ever and, where culture was strong and collaborative, productivity increased. As the UK comes out of lockdown, we should rethink how we…


Thu Jan 7, 2021

10 tips best practice document management

DMS best practice | Mistakes to avoid

Document Logistix has helped many hundreds of customers in the UK and USA to plan for electronic document management, prepare for implementation, manage operational change, and promote ongoing training and best practice.Best software user tip of them all: keep in touch with…


Tue Nov 21, 2017

Workflow software implementation diagram builder tools

Visualize and create diagrams to implement new workflows

For the first time ever new workflow sofware means you can involve involve your team in workflow reviews, build simple workflow diagrams with checkpoints and actions, and drag the new automated workflow to put it live. 

Workflow changes used to be difficult

it used…


Thu Nov 16, 2017

How to manage Gift Aid to maximise donations. Donation management software.

Asthma UK managed 175,000 Gift Aid Forms in digital format to make a validated and auditabe claim for Gift Aid tax reimbursement in a year. Other charities benefit from the efficiencies of electronic records to reduce staff workload and maximise donations.

Gift Aid Donation management is critical for charities and third sector organisations



Wed Nov 15, 2017

HR on-boarding digital document system

Rob Roy, an ambitious US manufacturing company operating in several States, set out to digitize its HR on-boarding process to improve its compliance audit ratings, reduce administration times, reduce costs, and improve the on-boarding experience for staff and new employees.

With a new electronic document management system in place, the multi-site…


Thu Nov 16, 2017

(IRIS) Exchequer integration: Integrate Exchequer Accounts, document management and back office systems,

Integrate Exchequer with back office and other data systems

Are you looking for a specialist document management company for integration services to get more value from your accounting software investments?

Document Manager integrates with leading accounts and finance packages. If you are specifically interested in integrating document…


Thu Jul 14, 2022

Intelligent Data Capture & OCR Scanning Bureau Services

Our in-house bureau and team helps you go fully digital: back-scan your archived records

Document Logistix' comprehensive scanning techology and our dedicated, specialised team provide the fastest, most accurate way to digitise historical records so that…


Tue Nov 21, 2017

How to review Business Process and Workflow with Visual Workflow Design tools

Dynamic Workflow Designer creates new business process review opportunities

For the first time ever new sofware makes it possible to involve your team in a workflow review, agree checkpoints and associated actions, build and implement the agreed automated workflow and simply drag it 'live'. 

Workflow changes are historically difficult



Tue Nov 21, 2017

Dynamic permissions for Protecting Confidential Information

Dynamic Permissions in Document Management protect confidential information and enforce privacy policies

Dynamic permissions provides an effective way to secure and protect sensitive information. The risk of leaked information can be contained by protecting documents from unauthorised access.



Wed Nov 3, 2021

Paperless HR - digital Human Resources data and records management

Paperless HR saves time and money

Paper documents and filing cabinets have been the traditional way to organise employee information in Human Resources departments for decades. But going digital translates to big savings in staff time and money. Progressive HR departments are transitioning from physical documents to electronic document…


Thu Jun 28, 2018

Document management software for insurance companies and brokers

Digital document management improves insurance company's claims process

Prior to implementing the new claims management system an insurance claims handler would waste precious time retrieving physical records from various filing structures. This inefficiency in insurance information retrieval resulted in claimants calling with queries…


Thu Nov 2, 2017

Document filing and indexing solution

Document management filing and indexing solution

Document management with efficient filing and indexing and means you can handle large volumes of information and provide instant access and reliable answers.

“In a minute” is no longer good enough. When it comes to information, we live in a world that expects “now” and accurate.



Thu Nov 2, 2017

Proof of Delivery (POD) system case study

POD Scanning System | Logistics and haulage

When the logistics and haulage company, Widdowson Group’s POD system reached end of life, with the hardware requiring increasing attention to keep it running and the software about to go out of support, the company sought a document management partner in order to meet its customers’ changing…


Wed Jan 3, 2018

Records retention automation software

Automated records management

Consider using software that automates how long documents are kept according to document type and the requirements of your industry. It is common today for companies to have to manage thousands of records associated with a business, project, transaction or individual, such as in the case of Epson Europe's…


Wed Jan 3, 2018

Sports Club Document Management Software

Manage all aspects of sports business information

Electronic document management helps sports clubs and sports organisations in every aspect of their business and operations.

Are you involved in admin at a football, rugby, cricket, swimming or other professional sports club?

Profitability; Fan Loyalty; Ticket Holder,…


Fri Aug 30, 2019

The benefits of HR digital document management

Gemma Richards, Avara Foods, testifies to how digital document management helps the company to manage records for 6000 employees comfortably and how Document Manager eliminates the pain surrounding internal and external audits. The value…


Thu Aug 15, 2019

Audio Visual Solutions, share your documents

In this video Barrie Guy of Carillion Communications presents how the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is used by teams in document management to review documents and workflows.

The Surface Hub 2 brings…


Wed Aug 7, 2019

Document Logistix' Document Manager 5.7 product review - Computing Security Finalist

Digital document management was historically implemented to reduce costs associated with paper, storage and manual administration. Today, digital business processes are key to an organisation’s efficiency and competitiveness. Central storage, speed of access, information accuracy and close collaboration are all critical factors for optimal…


Tue Jul 30, 2019

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Document Processing

Lemmana Director, Ben Davies, explains how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enable Document Logistix' Document Manager software to become smarter and save users time and effort.

We are…


Thu Jul 25, 2019

GDPR Video: coping with Subject Access Requests (SARs), accountability, storage and audits

In this video, Jason Field covers how digital document management is helping organisations to manage GDPR responsibilties a year on from the introduction of strict new European-wide privacy requirements.…


Thu Apr 2, 2020

MHR integrates document management to help HR professionals perform at their best

MHR customers can manage their HR documents through a single point of control

MHR’s partnership with Document Logistix means that our HR customers can place all document types – paper, digital files, audio and video assets – into a centrally controlled system that manages complex information by type. At-a-touch organisation of documents…


Tue Mar 9, 2021

Document management to help HR professionals perform at their best


Tue Aug 6, 2019

Document Logistix Uses WhiteHat SAST and DAST to Ensure Security of Sensitive Customer Data

Digital records help large companies to meet their Duty to report on payment practices.  Summary

Award-winning document management software firm, Document Logistix creates document management solutions that help to eliminate the use of paper, improve records management and automate business processes. Its software powers the operations…


Sun Jun 9, 2019

Human Resources: Webinars for HR professionals

HR records webinar: Are you cost-effective and compliant?

Human Resources Departments manage large amounts of important employee and company information. Are you still using paper? Can you access data quickly in one place? Are you 100% secure? Are you concerned about compliance? 

Successful cost-effective HR records management…


Wed Mar 13, 2019

The importance of software application security testing

Application Security Testing: a duty of best practice to protect customer data

Document Logistix invests in continuous security testing to detect potential system vulnerabilities, to review code, to identify logical errors, and to help developers’ maintain high standards.  Applications form the backbone of many businesses…


Tue Nov 13, 2018

How to comply with GDPR. Retention policy made simple


Records management is a hot topic with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force this year. This new directive poses a risk to businesses compared with previous versions as sanctions can be up to four percent of a company’s worldwide…


Mon Mar 5, 2018

Duty to report on payment practices

Digital records help large companies to meet their Duty to report on payment practices

As of October 2017 large companies are required by the UK government to report on their payment practices. The governement issued the following guidance to reporting on payment practices and performance.

Background to payment…


Mon Jan 8, 2018

Manufacturing Industries: digital document management systems to improve workflow, production and cost control

Information management technology drives manufacturing efficiency and competitive advantage

Manufacturing processes are often complex and involve many staff, suppliers and components. As manufacturers are often margin-pressured, a streamlined workflow with effective information and document management is critical.


Wed Mar 7, 2018

Document Manager: Digital invoice processing solution reduces Accounts Payable costs

Invoice processing: electronic workflow reduces costs

Accounts payable (AP) was among the first departments to adopt digital document management to streamline the payments process. For more than twenty years Document Logistix has helped Accounts Payable teams to capture information in multiple formats, paper and digital,…


Tue Jan 4, 2022

District Attorney Offices e-Discovery document case management systems - huge cost savings, transparency and productivity

Criminal e-Discovery case management

Attorneys are turning to electronic technology and digital document management to implement best practice recommendations for criminal case discovery. Document Logistix has been a leader in the field of electronic…


Tue Jan 2, 2018

Gartner recommendations: size, capability and service are important when choosing a technology partner

If you are looking at electronic document management for the first time, do suppliers and products look similar to you? If you are looking to upgrade your EDM system, what should you look for in a new DM partner?

Gartner suggests size, capability and…


Wed Dec 20, 2017

Document Management: The big 6 Cloud benefits

Cloud document management benefits

Cloud Document Management is an attrative proposition for sections of the market, especially for companies that are reviewing matters such as: a) infrastructure costs b) CAPEX c) security d) centralised storage and control, and e) ease of access for users, including remote workers.  However, it is also…


Fri Jan 5, 2018

e-Discovery document case evidence management systems - huge cost savings, transparency, compliance

e-Discovery case and evidence management systems for transparency

Attorneys offices are implementing electronic technology and e-Discovery software to embed best practice for criminal case discovery and disclosure. Document Logistix is a leader in…


Mon Dec 18, 2017

What questions to ask in a document management software webinar or demo

When you have an expert in front of you talking about the place of electronic document management today in a webinar or demo, what are the questions you should ask to find out whether the software you're viewing is the right software for your company? By creating dialogue you will be able to establish the depth of the presenters DM product knowledge…


Wed Nov 3, 2021

The history of document management

It could be argued that cave paintings were an early example of document management, but we start our document management history with the 'game changer' of its day, the nineteenth century filing cabinet. The cabinet in its many forms was the mainstay of paper document management for more than a century until it faced a recent backlash from modernists,…


Wed Jan 9, 2019

6 Ways to Improve Workflows in Accounting Firms

Accounts Workflow - 6 Ways to Improve Workflows

With fixed fees becoming more common, greater competition, more DIY possibilities, Many Accounting firms are asking how their firm can become more efficient.

Accounts did not have to focus intensely on efficiency when hourly billing was the accepted…


Sun May 2, 2021

DLX Avara Foods digital transformation
webinar recording May 2021



Tue Apr 27, 2021

The No.1 business imperative in 2021.
Digital transformation.

Digital processes for continuous business


Fri Jan 15, 2021

Health and Wellbeing virtual event

Work-life balance, remote work wellbeing and productivity, motivation, mental health, management support and team connectivity have all been brought into even sharper focus in the past year. It’s timely to talk! The event will feature experts who will present trends in mental health and provide practical…


Tue Dec 1, 2020

Document Logistix win prestigious Document Manager award for third year in a row

At the annual industry landmark awards, hosted by Document Manager magazine, Document Logistix won the…


Tue Aug 18, 2020

Document Logistix helps the Texas Department of Public Safety Finance to centralize Accounts Payable and automate processing to improve operations, reduce costs and comply.

Using an agency wide 2020-21 biennial budget of $5.8 billion, the Texas Department of Public Safety Finance Division provides budget, accounting, cash receiving, expenditure, and payroll services. Austin is at the heart of the finance department for processing invoices throughout Texas from review to tracking and payments.

With transactions…


Tue Aug 18, 2020

Document Logistix Business leaders to adopt flexible working permanently

In a tremendous effort to maintain business continuity while ensuring staff safety, organisations made changes to the way they work, which led to the biggest remote work experiment in history. Now organisations are planning for life after lockdown.

In the June 2020 issue of HR Review it was reported that nearly three-quarters…


Wed Jul 1, 2020

e-Invoicing | Document Logistix COMPLEAT CAPTURE Electronic invoicing

When new “disruptive” technology enters the market, there is generally some initial scepticism, especially when the implications seem too good to be true. But over time this new e-invoicing technology has proven beyond all doubt, the only barrier to adoption is an awareness of the benefits that are being missed. 



Thu Jun 18, 2020

Bid preparation: Produce comprehensive new business bids using Document Manager. Eliminate hours of frustration.

The challenges of bid preparation

Finding information relevant to the bid response Most bids ask similar questions, so why re-invent the wheel every time you assemble a new bid.If you recall your last bid, how many…


Tue Oct 3, 2023

What Digital Document Transformation Means for Your Business

Digital transformation today is a necessity. Digital transformation affects every area of business, with productivity benefits from staff workflow and customer engagement, to access for dispersed teams and assured auditable compliance, centred on your documents.

As your business evolves, your document management…


Fri Jun 5, 2020

Digital transformation: go digital to thrive in new market conditions

A consequence of the extended period of many people working from home, is the heightened realisation that a switch to digital is paramount to business resilience and doing business successfully in the future.

Pulling together information securely and compliantly from separate systems (a mix of paper-based information and electronic…


Fri May 22, 2020

Building new digital agility with secure workflows



Thu Apr 9, 2020

Positive takeaways from remote working in the USA. What can you do to create robust new operating systems?

The months ahead present personal and professional challenges. What positive lessons have been learned during lockdown? Will USA office-based businesses change their predominantly nine-to-five culture?

Every economic shock leaves a legacy. The COVID-19 pandemic will be no different. The twentieth century ‘great depression’…


Tue Apr 7, 2020

Are we learning anything positive while working remotely? What can you do to create robust new operating systems?

We hope you are keeping safe. The next weeks and months present personal and professional challenges. What will be the positive lessons learned that we'd like to see continue in our working lives? Will the UK change its nine-to-five culture?

Every economic shock leaves a legacy. The coronavirus pandemic will be no different.…


Fri Apr 2, 2021

Start Planning to Implement New Digitisation Technology: observe processes, identify repetitive tasks and prepare for automation

Digitisation: Start Planning Now to Implement New Technology

Whether you're an established digitised operation, or just starting to consider


Fri Mar 27, 2020

How to create digital 'business as usual' with centralised systems, connected staff and clients, and automated workflows during the COVID-19 crisis

How to run your business remotely: secure collaboration on files to remain ‘business as usual’.

Maintain productivity, team connection and secure document access in a home-working business.

We are now weeks on from the UK lock down (quarantine).…


Thu Nov 14, 2019

Digital document Accounts and Finance strategies for MTD


Thu Mar 18, 2021

Navigating the pandemic: managing Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

iDocs is a long-standing partner of Document Logistix. iDocs helps many of the UK’s largest law firms to manage secure, compliant aggregation and transfer of legal documents and data. In the past year, the company has started to help Practice Managers and medical professionals to reduce the complexity and cost of data subject access requests (DSARs).


Mon May 3, 2021

If not now, when will you implement digital business processes?

Digital processes for operational agility and continuous business

Dan  Wajzner, MD at Document Logistix, suggests that for the majority of organisations, the pandemic has demonstrated that…



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