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Housing Association
Document information management

Document Manager is a modular system that works across every department and business function. From Finance to HR, and from Contracts to Compliance, Document Manager helps Housing Organisations to create efficient workflows.  

Housing Associations generate enormous quantities of paper and digital documentation. They face specific challenges to meet KPIs and tenant needs and to manage regulatory commitments and suppliers. Document Logistix's housing association solutions help customers to capture, store, share and retrieve the information contained in various document types so that estates perform better.

Staff and any approved stakeholders involved can see at a glance historical and current activity. Document Manager is a resourceful tool for management teams who can search by date range or view by contact type such as records, complaints or maintenance requests. Document Manager is a dynamic solution operating at the heart of your estate, with a built-in diary function that allows users to link documents to automated reminders.

  • Tenants receive a better service
  • Staff work more efficiently
  • Save physical space and money
  • Automate best practice policies in digital workflows
  • Embed document retention policies for GDPR compliance
  • Digitise HR records for simpler management, cost savings and compliance
  • Documents safeguarded against disaster

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Better information for staff, tenants and suppliers

To work effectively within tight budgets, manage tenant welfare, improve service levels or maximise rentals, housing associations and property management companies are turning to electronic document management (EDM) solutions to manage information and workflow.

Document Manager:Housing integrates with housing management systems and allows you to operate simple solutions for departmental functions such as finance, maintenance, complaints management, HR, health and safety, mailroom scanning, and niche issues such as ASB (anti social behaviour) and case management.

Document Manager:Housing clients frequently start out with an ambition to reduce paper based requirements that generate a mountain of paperwork and create a costly administrative burden. These initiatives alone can cut operational and support costs radically in savings on time, space and productivity.

Clients often then start to look closer at their document strategy and how fully integrated electronic solutions can support their business needs, drive efficiencies and improve service delivery by making information readily and securely available to staff, tenants and approved third parties.

Organisations that have worked with electronic document solutions for some time attest to the value of automated and semi automated processes that reduce the number of documents that are produced, processed, printed and filed.

Housing Associations Document Management Solution

When information is captured accurately, is always up to date, is easy to store, retrieve, access and share, the whole housing estate runs better for everyone involved.

No more rows of filing cabinets, manila folders and straining in trays with the delays, version control, lost documentation, frustration and lost days of productivity they inevitably involve.

Document Manager: 'Housing Association'

  • Finance: Procurement / Invoice approval / Auto Invoice Recognition / Auto Invoice Matching / Repairs Approval / New Supplier Request / Recharges / Payment Requests / Expenses
  • Complaints Management: Housing management integration, proper audit trails, information and activity visibility and faster complaint resolution are better for everyone.
  • Estate Management: 360 degree estate management including faster approvals and authorisation, fire risk and health and safety assessment, maintenance requests, scheduling, ordering, fulfilment, invoicing and payments.
  • Tenant Management: Increase rental income, manage applications, reduce waiting lists, with asset management and comprehensive reporting.
  • Access and Security: With strict access level control and the ability to redact (obscure) sensitive information, Document Manager offers excellent security and complete audit trails of activity
  • Automated workflows: Embed policies, thresholds, alerts and approval checkpoints
  • Automated document retention periods: Index documents to be retained for prescribed periods and archived or destroyed to comply with relevant regulations 
  • Digitised HR records: Centralised secure records for fast access to contracts, pensions, disciplinaries, holiday requests, with appropriate access levels and redaction  
  • Remote working: Fast, secure access for home workers and field workers with no duplication or removal of important documents 

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