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Document Logistix is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner. All our products are developed using Microsoft development tools. We design and test Document Manager (DM) for compatibility with current (still supported by Microsoft) Microsoft Windows versions (32 and 64 bit), Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft SQL Server. 
For the best user experience our DM version 5 product is of course fully compatible with Windows 10 using both Edge and Internet Explorer 11 and will continue to be supported as new releases become available.

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Document Logistix Partner: Microsoft

Location: Austin, Texas


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Array is a ground-breaking platform that empowers businesses by transforming manual processes into automated workflows. Customers across the globe use Array to collect data through offline no-code forms and generate real-time reporting in the office. This eliminates the need for paper forms, manual data entry, and multiple spreadsheets by delivering teams the precise information they need. Array’s team stretch across the United states and Europe with offices also in Oklahoma City and London.

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Document Logistix Partner: Array

Location: Orange, CA

Business Process Automation Company

Established to focus on helping companies of all sizes in all industries to focus on finding solutions meant to improve our client's business processes.

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Document Logistix Partner: Business Process Automation Company

Location: Parker, CO

Scanner One, Inc.

Scanner One, Inc. has over 26 years of experience in the Office Equipment, Scanning and Document Management business. We are based in Colorado providing solutions to meet your business requirements. We want to listen to your needs and provide the right Scanner, Capture Solution, Content management and Back end Archive/Retrieve Software package; be it a single user to an enterprise system. We have a proven track record with over 12 thousand installations.

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Document Logistix Partner: Scanner One, Inc.

Location: Oviedo, Florida

Technology Solutions Consultants (TSC)

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, our team work with organizations across North America, representing many industries. Our expertise is in Enterprise Content Management, Capture and Content Services, all delivered over on premise or in the cloud. We provide solutions that can scale out from the small department to the enterprise to providing everything you need to effectively store, search, secure and share your valuable business content, regardless of format. With workflow automation and cloud delivery, you can truly execute optimal efficiencies. Allow us to do an assessment for you to discover the possibilities!

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Document Logistix Partner: Technology Solutions Consultants (TSC)

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Graphic Imaging Services, Inc.

Graphic Imaging Services Inc., is a provider of Document Management solutions and services. With proven methodologies for success, we offer the ability to integrate digital and paper data into Content Management Systems.  Our experience and expertise is in both documents and large format assures you the best quality image as your final record.

Additionally, our Consulting Services identify the applications you use every day to be a part of the workflow and integration with Content Management.  This includes best practices, eliminating deficiencies, analyzing current workflows while including client users in the process prior to implementation.

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Document Logistix Partner: Graphic Imaging Services, Inc.

Location: Melville, NY


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Document Logistix Partner: Canon

Location: Long Beach, CA


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Document Logistix Partner: Epson

Location: San Jose, CA


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Document Logistix Partner: Fujitsu

Location: Rochester, New York

Kodak Alaris

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Document Logistix Partner: Kodak Alaris

Location: Reston, Virginia

People First

People First is the most employee-focused HR platform on the market. It provides businesses with the tools and thinking to nurture and engage talent while increasing retention and driving productivity, promoting the workplace of the future – today.

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Document Logistix Partner: People First

Location: Newark, NJ


Panasonic delivers high-performing, reliable scanners for all size businesses—from smaller, front-desk scanners to larger, 90+ page-per-minute scanners, all of which offer features like double-feed prevention, staple detection, and smart image processing. Panasonic’s quality scanners, user interfaces, and excellent support enables businesses to focus on delivering reliable customer care.

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Document Logistix Partner: Panasonic


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