Automated Accounts Payable workflow management software

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Automated Accounts Payable workflow management
OCR Data Capture, Automated Workflows, Supplier and PO Matching, Touchless Processing

Document Manager enables you to capture invoice data, validate it, and have it approved automatically.


The use of Document Manager’s Accounts Payable workflow ensures that only accurate, checked and approved data is ever posted to your ERP. Using Invoice Approval workflows, Document Manager automatically matches against your purchase orders. Apply your business rules and manage the process of exceptions handling. Fully compliant, and with a document level audit log, Document Manager has the power to remove all manual tasks from your AP process. 

Document Manager for Accounts Payable

Legacy systems are not as simple to use or as feature-rich as Document Manager. Centralise data, minimise manual work, and pre-configure search and retrieve functions that are faster and more accurate than in native applications.

Capture data from incoming invoices automatically Automate workflows, approvals and internal controls
Digitise to minimise data entry and human error
Centralise data for efficiency and collaboration
Each user has a personalised dashboard with relevant saved searches and visual status indicators
Report in real-time for management and auditors
Digitised processes replicate manual processes, which minimises change management Reduce time and costs by up to 80% and increase the value of your team’s work
Effective data entry at the start of the AP process

Ingesting data properly ensures that each successive step of the accounts process is quick and simple to manage. Document Manager provides you with multiple ways to ingest documents and data, quickly and accurately. Watched folders can be employed to receive emails, strip attachments and OCR capture data at header or line level.

Document manager automatically checks your supplier register to ensure the invoice is yours and also checks to ensure the invoice is not a duplicate. Once the originator is checked, Document Manager matches the invoice values to your open POs and applies any business rules and routines that you have.  Invoice data that directly match can be passed directly to the ERP for payment, which makes your AP management one of exception handling only.

Document Manager’s workflow engine ensures that invoices are always seen and approved by the correct person in your organisation. Approval workflows are especially important for companies without an embedded PO routine.

 Batch capture data accurately to ensure AP processes produce better outcomes

Document Manager’s OCR application enables you to verify invoice data manually. Set the system to show all invoices or only those with issues. Whichever it is, manual keying is eliminated.

A clear interface for administrators and staff

Predetermined workflows are crystal clear to managers and staff in intuitive dashboards. The interface enables you to choose how results are returned with virtual preview and thumbnail options, as well as document view choices.

No programming skills required: build searches, sort, order, run queries, assign permissions, locate missing documents and data gaps, and customise to suit the needs of individuals and the department.

Simple sidebar tools allow you to add notes, image and text stamps, annotations, and to redact (hide) sensitive information from unauthorised staff.

Simple set-up to mirror the way your department works

You can set up Document Manager to reflect your company policies and preferred ways of working. Documents are automatically routed to the appropriate people and locations. Staff dashboards show ‘my work’, which can be tailored easily to pin regular searches and speed-up common tasks

Dashboards and Saved Searches

Document Manager allows each user to have, create and amend their own dashboards. ‘Saved Searches’ are displayed as buttons that have visual prompts and can be set to traffic light issues in the AP process. The number of invoices in system to approve can be green up to a number, then red if the limit is exceeded.

Users can create saved searches very easily, with no specific IT expertise and with no need of further support from Document Logistix.

Searches can be used to show expenditure with certain suppliers, number of days in processing, which approvers have which invoices and any other search that uses the data stored in Document Manager. The search feature is a really simple and cost-effective alternative to other BI-based options, as well as being a feature that saves significant time for daily monitoring routines..

 Clear, customisable dashboards: from new and ready for approval, to overdue.

Clear, customisable dashboards: from new invoices and ready for approval, to overdue invoices.
 Preview, review, redact, annotate: a full range of sidebar tools.

Preview, review, annotate, redact: a full range of sidebar tools.
Compliance is built-in

Each document is assigned the required retention or purge period as it is captured, so information is automatically retained or deleted according to industry and legal compliance requirements. Check-in and check-out functions mean that you can track potential risks of error, nuisance or malice. Data is encrypted to prevent wrongful access, while output options include double-zip and password protection to ensure information remains secure outside of your business environment. All compliance features are underpinned and supported by a full document level, time-stamped audit trail, which means all activity in the system is logged, stored and linked to the specific document.

Never fear time-consuming, resource-sapping audits. Make the most of BI tools.

Every event in Document Manager is recorded and time-stamped. Comprehensive, up-to-date management, transaction and status reports are always available. Users of Document Manager are able to produce accurate reports and accounts to fulfil internal quality audits and the most demanding external financial statements, operational and compliance audits. Business intelligence tools generate business insights.

 A full range of reporting functions including built-in business intelligence (BI).
Full range of reporting functions including built-in business intelligence (BI).
Document Manager is future proof

As your needs change, Document Manager adapts to meet new requirements. At times of expansion, changes in regulation, merger or acquisition, Document Manager stays the course with you.

Document Manager can be deployed in the Accounts Payable department or across multiple departments. Centralising data enables departments such as HR, Procurement, Logistics and Customer Services to access shared, up-to-date information instantly. Document Manager empowers people working in any role to be their most productive.

Read recent case study: Hillcrest Group

Find out how Document Manager was able to flex and scale to enable a customer to enhance its use of digital Accounts management across four businesses. Discover how the system coped with and reduced complexity across AP departments that had different structures to chart accounts for coding purposes and three different workflow processes depending on the type of purchase (purchase order, works order and direct payment).

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