Document Logistix: Solving the problem of CJIS compliant file upload for LEAs and District Attorneys

Document Logistix solves
the problem of receiving large videos
and sharing them with the defense

Drag 'n' Drop CJIS compliant file upload

The requirements of full case disclosure are prescribed by Congressional Acts such as “Brady disclosure” and State Acts such as the “Michael Morton Act” in Texas.

Document Logistix removes the waiting time to upload large case evidence files

Document Logistix has been helping prosecutors provide eDiscovery to their defense. With our eDiscovery product, prosecutors have been able to upload all of their case files to one CJIS compliant digital repository. 

Video file copying has been the bane of existence for most agencies. Document Logistix provides prosecutors with the ability to offer their Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) the ability to drag a video (and other files) into a folder and automatically upload content into the DA’s repository. 

Auditable defense evidence downloads

Many agencies have adopted some type of system that allows defense attorneys the ability to remotely download discovery. Depending on the system, this sometimes includes video files, and the sharing process is often referred to as eDiscovery.    

At the onset, the biggest challenge was the upload of large media files. Many software programs don’t have the ability to store the multiple codecs or restrict files over a certain size. Document Logistix software has always had the ability to do this, however it could take a really long time to upload larger files. Historically, support staff would upload these larger files and perhaps take care of a different task while they waited for the file to finish uploading.  

Remote access and faster transmission speeds

As COVID hit, the need for the remote upload of files by the Law Enforcement Agencies became an urgent requirement. 

The Document Logistix team worked with our clients and configured a process that allowed LEAs to upload all their files securely into prosecutors' eDiscovery programs.  

At first, this was a popular hit!  LEAs could safely upload their files to the DAO and not risk traveling to deliver files in person. However, just as before, the burden hit the LEA employees who would spend the bulk of their time waiting for videos and large files to upload. Even worse, and failing CJIS regulations, the software would auto-logout owing to user activity. 

After a couple of frustrated phone calls, Document Logistix realized a pattern was developing. We needed to figure out a way to save the painful amount of time it took to babysit the uploading of a large file. The latest enhancements to our eDiscovery solution enable the secure, compliant and continuous upload of large files.


  • CJIS Compliant

  • Any type and size of file (including audio and video)

  • No baby sitting

  • Receipt for files uploaded

  • SAVES TIME for LEAs and DAs

Contact Document Logistix for more information about Criminal Case Discovery Electronic Information Management. We can help make eDiscovery simple so you're compliant and cost-efficient.

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