Back Office Document Management Solutions

Back Office Document Management Solutions

Document solutions that drive productivity and profits

Digital document management and workflow software with Document Manager help businesses to automate a wide range of back office processes.

The back office is where tasks dedicated to running the company take place. Although the operations of a back office are seldom prominent, they are a major contributor to a business and the more efficient the systems, the more efficient the company. Document Logistix works with the Accounts, HR and Procurement departments of many organisations to help back office teams work to the best of their ability, cope with compliance matters as efficiently as possible, and of course to support the front office or customer facing and sales activities of the business.

Document Management Solutions for Back Office Systems

  • HR Document Management
    Streamlining recruitment document management and HR processes.
    Document Manager enables all physical and digital documents relating to an employee to be captured and stored, and includes archiving software for emails and their attachments.
  • Accounts Payable Document Management
    Accelerating payment processes.
    Document Manager for Accounts Payable is a flexible system that enables users to optimize workflow, from the receipt of an invoice, through the approval, payment and archiving processes.
  • Managing invoices with Document Management
    Streamlining business processes.
    Document Manager helps organisations deliver a more efficient and effective system for managing transaction related documents.

Document Management Back Office Solutions

  • Handle multiple document types and sizes.
  • User definable indexing and folder set up.
  • Manual or fully automated indexing using OCR.
  • Workflow capabilities for standardising business processes.
  • Presentation to internal / external users using Web interface.
  • Enhanced ability to meet customer SLAs and company KPIs.
  • Tracking of missing documents.
  • Reduction in debtor days and improved cash flow.
  • Integration with finance solutions for streamlined invoicing.
  • Integrated back office systems (Finance, HR, Logistics, Procurement, Records).
  • Option for Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard to visualise and share real-time management data, KPIs
  • Rapid management reporting
  • Embedded compliance (GDPR) and auditibality.



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