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Workflow management software
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Workflow Management Software

The latest workflow management systems really do give you the opportunity to review your business processes and automate many aspects of them so that they work for the business and are a good fit for users too.

A typical workflow prescribes how information is treated as soon as it enters the business, and then how it is channelled, with checkpoints for comments, escalations and approvals, prior to actions, reports and archiving.

One of the big advantages of a digital workflow system is that the status of work is always apparent, and there is a comprehensive record of activity by time and staff member.

Workflow can be applied to core business functions such as accounting and HR processes or to production such as supply chain and manufacturing processes. A reliable digital workflow liberates users and protects the business.

What does a Workflow Management System do?

A workflow management system:

  • Allows individuals to automate repetitive processes
  • Follows up automatically on uncompleted tasks in the process
  • Gives an overall picture of the workflow along with performance metrics

Document Manager gives you all the advantages of workflow automation
DLX workflow system

Create workflow steps that are right for the business and users

Workflow logic should follow what is right for the business and the logic should be apparent to users. Process owners should draw a straight line with key steps in the process that require input, approval or denial.

Cloud-based technology

Choosing a Cloud-based workflow management solution is generally the right step. Users can review actions, give approvals and access data and reports from any location at any time. Cloud-based software also overcomes the need for up-front investments in software and infrastructure that has to be maintained and updated.

KPI-based reporting and workflow modifications

You may find that your new workflow automation throws up surprises. It is important that you run your workflow system and not the other way round. You may find that you need a new step, or that steps need to be modified or consolidated.

Document Logistix’ system, Document Manager, provides you with two key advantages. Document Manager’s KPI-based reporting enables you to see and analyse where the bottlenecks are and where to focus your attention. Document Manager’s Dynamic Workflow Designer also enables you to drag and drop workflow changes, and rollback, without any need for programming skills. Visualise, design and implement document-centric workflows

Drag and Drop your new workflow to implement automated processes, from simple Purchasing or Purchase Order workflows, to complex supply chain workflows

DLX workflow designerSLA status indicators

With Document Manager you will be able to review many processes at a glance, so you can see which ones are on track and which ones are in need of attention. Document Manager’s dashboard draws your attention to the most pressing workflows.

Notifications and alerts to keep users engaged

People will abandon a workflow platform if they are not reminded to return when needed. Document Manager sends notifications via email or push notifications to mobile to alert system users of their tasks.

Parallel workflow activities

Workflows are sequential, but some may have several strands that happen at the same time. Take a travel reimbursement. It usually needs a manager’s approval, but instead of creating different workflows for each department, you can create one workflow that follows a track depending on which department the requester chooses.

Role-based access control

Workflows frequently contain sensitive information that cannot be shared with everyone in the process. Document Manager allows you to customise what each individual user can see and edit.

Integration with other business systems

Workflows do not operate independently of other processes. Documents, sales reports, cash-flows and calendars are important elements that must be included as a part of the workflow. Document Manager allows you to integrate with leading business systems.

Flexible licensing

Document Logistix is a progressive, innovative company that owns its workflow system IP and appreciates the customer’s need for fairness and value. We therefore licence our products to reflect the users true needs, from administrator to occasional user.



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