Document Logistix Webinar - Topic 6: Who Benefits From Document Management?

Who Benefits From Document Management?

Slow workflow affects customer satisfaction and reduces profits, and as today’s consumers, clients and suppliers demand a faster, more personalised service, you need systems that deliver the speed and accuracy to promote satisfaction and loyalty.

Through effective document management you can capture information, track, analyse, understand and report on key performance indicators, while being sure that you are dealing with the latest version of the truth for added confidence in the decisions you make or information you pass on.

Document Manager from Document Logistix is a scalable, flexible platform that helps to eliminate the use of paper, improve records management and automate business processes. The solution can be used to create workflows for any business function from manufacturing to HR, warehousing and distribution, or professional services, across industry sectors ranging from health to finance, construction, law enforcement and the public sector.


Attend this session and you will discover how Document Manager allows you to work the way you choose. Simply select the functionality you need and through the simple-to-use but rich and intuitive user interface, you can be sure of a rapid return on your investment. During the session we will share:

  • How to perform full text search across all stored content.
  • Version control for document authoring.
  • Integration for email and other applications.
  • Audit trail.
  • Security and encryption.

Whether you are looking for a simple document image archive or a complex business process automation solution with workflow, Document Manager offers the total solution in a variety of configurations to meet your business requirements. 400 satisfied customers trust Document Manager; will you join them?

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