What the pandemic taught us: digital is essential

The pandemic highlights a critical need for digital processes

Lockdown lesson: digital is essential

Nationwide lockdowns forced lessons on many organisations. Business managers learned that trust in staff is paramount, and that location is largely irrelevant. Business culture became more important than ever and, where culture was strong and collaborative, productivity increased. As the UK comes out of lockdown, we should rethink how we plan for business continuity and explore how new continuity models help our businesses.

Business continuity and streamlined efficiency

Many companies implemented or enhanced digital processes in 2020-21. The drivers for change included the accommodation of remote working, alongside traditional commercial objectives such as workflow efficiency, reduced operating costs and regulatory compliance.

Organisations in all industries are holistically integrating IT solutions, and this trend in digital transformation is opening up immense opportunities that change the established rules of commerce.

Future-proofed resilience

We’ve learned during a turbulent period that change happens fast. However, an innovative business that embraces digital processes is better prepared for change. 

Jason Field of Document Logistix, says the pandemic brought into sharp focus many digital issues that organisations can no longer ignore. “We saw our long-term customers look to enhance their digital infrastructure by increasing workflow automation and reinforcing compliance measures. We also saw digital practices expanding to every department, as a digital platform enables managers to provide staff with support and resources to help them work effectively without close supervision.

Digital processes improve operations, collaboration, data protection, business intelligence and, ultimately, provide competitive advantage. The great news is that organisations that have introduced digital processes, even where none existed previously, have been able to enjoy the rewards very quickly. System users appreciate the personal benefits as well as the benefits to the organisation.”

Embedding best practice

The introduction of digital document management enables companies to embed best practice by capturing and assigning paper and electronic documents to designated workflows as they enter the business. Data in all its formats – email, PDF, video – can be managed from one secure data hub. Once centralised, documents can be work-flowed with designated checkpoints, alerts and full management visibility. Encrypted documents are instantly accessible throughout their life-cycle, until they are automatically deleted in compliance with regulatory timescales.

Transformation and culture change

Digital document management puts an end to daisy-chained systems by capturing and storing one version of an asset (document, image, etc) and all associated activity is recorded, which eliminates the worry surrounding audits.

Digital transformation involves using technologies to create new business processes, cultures, and staff and customer experiences to adapt to changing business environments. 

For many traditionally office-based businesses systems review is required at a fundamental level. If Accountants, HR professionals, facilities managers, and many other traditionally office-based staff, are to become hybrid workers, organisations will need to review the security, accessibility and efficency of their workflow systems. 

However, when an organisation has the will, change can be brought about in a relatively short period.

Digital agility for new market conditions

There are new drivers as the commercial world re-opens; businesses seek new agility, while some historically office-based staff seek more flexibility in terms of location and hours.

Only a digital solution provides the workflow efficiency, security and management control required to evolve your business with complete confidence.

Document Logistix' Document Manager won the Business Process Management Product of the Year award for the second time in 2020. Document Manager is the ideal starting place to explore or expand your organisation's digital transformation. 

To learn more about the benefits of digital business processes, talk to Jason Field at Document Logistix 



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