Document Management: The big 6 Cloud benefits

CLOUD Document Management BENEFITS

Cloud document management benefits

Cloud Document Management is an attrative proposition for sections of the market, especially for companies that are reviewing matters such as: a) infrastructure costs b) CAPEX c) security d) centralised storage and control, and e) ease of access for users, including remote workers.  However, it is also worth asking the question, how do your staff work in the Cloud on a regular basis, as not all popular software retains its full desktop functionaility in the Cloud.

There are clearly identifiable 'quick win' benefits to working in the Cloud

1. Cloud: Pay as you go and unsubscribe if you are not satisfied with service.
It is not just about removing costs from the business but creating predictable costs. Hardware and software upgrades become a thing of the past. Maintenance is included in your Cloud DM subscription. If you are not happy with the service, you simply stop paying the subscription – no lock-ins.

2. Quicker return on investments and lower capital expenditure with Cloud.
A great benefit to a Cloud hosted solution is that all the infrastructure and hardware are in place to ensure you can mobilise your DM solution quickly and get staff using productive tools. You have access to an enterprise environment and simply point users to a pre-configured web-based application. It’s easy to calculate a quick return on Cloud investment.

3. Cloud documents disaster recovery; security as a service!
The consequences of downtime, systems failure or virus range from mere nuisance to catastrophe. The cost of expertise to manage risk can be significant. Small businesses are twice as likely as mid-sized and large enterprises to implement Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions.

4. Controlled, easy Cloud access for all.
Are you in an office that has issues with physical access to documents and data? Moving to a Cloud hosted solution allows you to remove that problem. Cloud documents can be accessed from multiple sites and by remote workers. You can manage user access levels, maintain change logs and enjoy the benefits of assured business continuity. The cost of losing a document is noticeable; the cost of losing a laptop of data can be devastating, financially and reputational.

5. Unrestricted Cloud scalability and flexibility
Are you planning on opening a new office or even reducing office space to achieve more with less? A Cloud hosted solution can grow as and when you require. This level of agility can give businesses using Cloud services a real advantage over competitors.

6. Remote working, access Cloud data anywhere, at any time.
The information is always on tap with a Cloud document management solution. Anybody can get data back to the office or into the hands of a colleague, so they don’t become the bottleneck. A Cloud DM solution can help to improve business processes across approvals, orders, payments, cash collection and other critical business events.

Cloud document management Case Reference: in the video on this page Epson Europe describe how the HR team improved document access, security and compliance by implementing a Cloud Document Management solution. HR staff are now able to dedicate more time to HR matters and spend less time worrying about the whereabouts and currency of their files and data.


Epson Europe took advantage of Cloud DM for records and retention


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