The No.1 business imperative in 2021.
Digital transformation.

The No.1 business imperative
Digital transformation in 2021

Digital processes for continuous business

2020 saw digital transformation become the top priority for the majority of businesses. During the last two decades companies have gradually adopted digital processes to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and, post GDPR, to guarantee data compliance. However, lockdowns highlighted the fact that centralised data and secure remote access are today’s urgent business imperatives.

The role of digital technologies in modern companies’ activities cannot be over-estimated. Organisations in all industries are holistically integrating IT solutions. This trend in digital transformation creates new challenges and opens up immense development opportunities that change the established rules of commerce.

According to an update from research firm Gartner Inc., IT spending will hit $3.9 trillion in 2021, with the COVID-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst for digital transformation in every major industry.

Progressive organisations are embracing digital processes to embed best practice, automate workflows, facilitate collaboration, and gain competitive advantage.

Document Logistix’ flagship product, Document Manager, is the ideal solution for capturing and assigning paper and electronic documents as they enter your business. Data in all its formats – email, PDF, video and photos – can be managed from one secure data hub. Once centralised, documents and data are work-flowed with full management visibility and are instantly accessible throughout their life-cycle. Automated retention periods are assigned to ensure that data is retained and deleted in compliance with industry regulation timescales.

Document Manager has won multiple awards including Document Management Product of the Year and Business Process Management Product of the Year. Document Logistix systems give you complete flexibility to operate differently, with secure access to encrypted content for office, remote, home and hybrid users. Time-stamped system activity makes the strictest internal and external audits simple to fulfil.

Document Manager integrates with all leading finance, HR and enterprise platforms and can be implemented by department or company-wide across multiple locations.

Enhance workflow infrastructure, empower staff and innovate faster with digital business processes.

As featured in the Sunday Times Buyers Guide, May 2021. Check out two of Document Logistix'  recent case studies to see how DHL streamlined records management, and how Avara Foods introduced digital workflows (case study and video) for the first time.  

Talk to Document Logistix about digital transformation benefits

1. Improved efficiency
Gain from improved communications and the continuous flow of data throughout your organisation.  
2. Management control
Managers can view workflows in real-time and have instant access to reports and business intelligence.
3. Operational savings
Cost savings stem from digital functions that save paper and physical storage space, through to staff efficiency savings and faster, reliable audit fulfilment.
4. Compliance management
Digital automation translates to embedded compliance policies for retention, data privacy, SARs and GDPR.
5. Customer satisfaction
Customer Services have instant access to client records which creates better engagement.
6. Employee culture
Digital transformation facilitates closer collaboration and an engaged staff culture.
7. Workforce flexibility
Businesses evolving from a traditionally office-based workforce can empower remote, hybrid and field workers to access and work with secure centralised data regardless of location.
8. Competitive advantage
Improved digital infrastructure generates new opportunities within your industry and markets as a result of reduced operating costs and increased operational agility.



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