So much more than document management

On the one hand, we're selling software. On the other, Document Logistix sells critical business benefits generated by improved digital document management. We sell knowledge that management and staff can access at the appropriate level of permission in the form of captured information that is key to their role, operations or a customer. There is no need for wasteful delay in finding what you need to know, be it to solve an accounts issue, HR, project management or manufacture, or customer service matter. We sell time in several dimensions! With effective document management, you can be sure that you are dealing with the latest version of the truth for added confidence in the decisions you make or information you pass on. You can also be sure that you are not wasting 30% of your time looking for documents that, when found, are incorrect or out of date, so productivity levels remain high. As today's consumers, clients and suppliers all come to expect fast, personalised service, we also sell speed and accuracy that promote satisfaction and loyalty which ultimately enhance your brand. Of course we sell space that is no longer needed for historical storage whose change of use has the potential to generate profits. We also sell security, compliance and risk management by facilitating audit trails, records retention and disaster recovery.