Document management for solicitors and lawyers

Document management for solicitors and lawyers

LEGAL and case management

Progressive lawyers and solicitors embrace document management benefits

Progressive lawyers and solicitor firms have adopted electronic document management for two key reasons.

Firstly, the public has become accustomed to faster service, greater personal attention and chekpoint alerts as the result of digital developments in retail and commerce. Every industry sector and profession is embracing digital records and communication to be efficient. Practice Managers at legal practices are exploring document management to combat suggestions that the legal profession is slow to change.    

Secondly, digital docment and communications management makes good business sense. Legal firms face new forms of competition; margins and fees are not as protected as they once were. Operational efficiency is a pre-requesite for success for lawyers and solicitors as much as it is for any other business. 

Document Manager:Legal  helps solicitors to:

  • Capture information contained in paper or email
  • Distribute from mail room to partner’s desktop and mobile applications
  • Manage, append and update documents in one location
  • Share, protect, redact, archive, retrieve, automate, destroy
  • Apply permissions levels
  • Spend more time on law and fee generation, less time on admin
  • Enjoy streamlined workflow for improved productivity

Benefits of Document Manager:Legal

  • Easier mail and email management
  • Reduced paper usage and storage costs
  • Improved access to documents
  • Stronger client support
  • Efficient remote working
Document management for lawyers and solicitors helps to improve productivity and client satisfaction, and maximise fixed fees

Law firms and solicitors offices have historically been dependent on large volumes of paper, which creates issues around speed of service, access, sharing and retrieving information, as well as storage.

Improved document management helps lawyers and solicitors with legal and regulatory workflow, and with audit-ready, legally admissible electronic document storage.

Electronic document management is secure and enables remote access for updates and approvals. DM Legal improves overall service and can also be used to manage records retention.

Legal case management and business workflow

Document Manager:Legal integrates with legacy case management systems and can also become the hub of your day-to-day practice operations, from invoicing to archiving. Document Manager provides instant, permission-based access to digitised records.

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