Digital document Accounts and Finance strategies for MTD

Scanning and indexing to create efficient workflows facilitates Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Scanning and digital workflows streamline Making Tax Digital

End to end digital workflow eases 'Making Tax Digital'. Document Logistix’ Document Manager captures and stores electronic records such as email and digital documents. Document Logistix also has a scanning bureau to help companies to bulk scan paper archives to more efficient.

As a partner of Fujitsu we also offer Fujitsu's ScanSnap range of scanners as an in-house solution to help businesses to streamline their document flow from receipt to deletion.

A significant number of businesses were not fully prepared for HMRC's 'Making Tax Digital' (MTD). Approximately 4,000 small businesses missed their first quarterly VAT return deadline. By adopting a digital document strategy – or helping your customers to set up a digital system – all reporting and filing will become that much simpler. Fujitsu scanners offer a solution for all business types to help digitise tax and meet deadlines promptly and efficiently.

Moving to a digital platform brings many benefits. Users can view their tax status – and any work-flowed data – in real-time.

Audits are simple to fulfil
A significant advantage of an MTD-friendly digital platform is centralised storage, which makes permission-based access easy and secure from any location. A digital system means that there is a complete record of access and actions so audits are quick and easy to complete and verify.

Setting up a system
Having a document scanner that digitises and organises data in the shortest and easiest way possible makes a huge difference to everyday processes.

As an example, Fujitsu's ScanSnap Cloud is a wide-ranging system which, when paired with the ScanSnap iX1500 and iX100, scans documents directly to the cloud. As these models connect directly via ScanSnap cloud to preferred cloud systems, there is no need for any additional devices. ScanSnap Cloud assigns data to the correct cloud space. The software processes and routes all documents automatically.
fujitsu scanners for MTD
The benefits of implementing the use of a document scanner and scanning to cloud systems, smart devices or a computer into everyday practices don't end with just digitising tax.

Save space and money
By digitising records and filing, you eliminate the need for paper-based filing systems, which frees up office space.

Increased productivity
Employees no longer have to hunt for a paper document; digitised data is only a few clicks away.

Environmentally friendly
Many companies now have Green policies. A quick estimate will help you to appreciate the positive impact of a paperless process. Less paper is wasted, document transportation is minimised, and contribution to landfill is reduced.

Risk management
In the unfortunate event of a disaster, digital data offers a reliable back-up compared to paper documents.

Digital document management maintains the security, integrity and accessibility of data, facilitates audit trails and automates retention periods. You may like to speak to one of GDPR experts on how to build compliance into your digital business processes.

Find out more about Fujitsu scanners, data capture and automated workflow. For example, the Fujitsu fi-7300NX is a ‘monster’ performer than provides on-premise and Cloud scanning options across the full range of PC, network, phone and tablet devices.

ROI for Document Management

Storage, retrieval, security? Time to approvals, better cash flow? Or soft benefits such as customer satisfaction? CTO Tim Cowell suggests ways to measure ROI on DM.



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