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Document Logistix was delighted to be awarded the Document Manager Magazine Records Management Product of the Year in 2022.

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What is electronic records management (ERM)?

Electronic records management (ERM) captures records as part of a digital business process. Businesses are able to preserve the original digital records, and eliminate paper copies and archives that expand in filing cabinets, storerooms and warehouses. ERM enables you to generate business efficiencies through automation and establish a reliable base for compliance and accurate audits.

What are the benefits of electronic records management?

Efficient records management has become an essential component of business strategy to ensure smooth operations for staff and customers, assure data quality, and to maintain effective compliance practices.

The ICO summarises the importance of records management and security:

“Good records management supports good data governance and data protection. Wider benefits include supporting information access, making sure that you can find information about past activities, and enabling the more effective use of resources. Some of the consequences of poor records management include poor decisions, failure to handle information securely and inefficiencies. Information security also supports good data governance, and is itself a legal data protection requirement. Poor information security leaves your systems and services at risk and may cause real harm and distress to individuals – it may even endanger lives in some extreme cases.”

Document Logistix provides fully digitised records life-cycle management

Our award-winning software, Document Manager, enables you to capture records and associated data the moment they enter your organisation. Whether records take the form of paper documents, electronic files, forms, or unstructured data such as emails, they are all stored in a secure, centralised hub.

Once centralised, records can be accessed from any location according to permission levels. System users can instantly view, annotate and approve records, and, if necessary, automated workflows can be implemented to ensure that records follow an approved path. Typical record journeys include finance approvals, HR on-boarding, insurance claim management, fleet and asset management, and ‘membership’ management for student records or charity records.

Automated data protection and privacy compliance

Document Manager enables you to introduce rules that govern how long records are kept and when they are purged from your system, according to specified regulatory retention/deletion periods. Automation enables you to overcome both the risks and the costs associated with manual records management.

The huge increase in the amount of data held by companies today means that department heads and compliance professionals alike look to technology to simplify complexity and streamline processes. Operationally, most organisations are attempting to achieve ‘more with less’, while unprecedented levels of fines for data breaches mean that Compliance teams have to introduce every safeguard. (EU GDPR fines for 2021 Q3 hit €984.47 million).

Document Manager incorporates safeguards that include encryption and document redaction (data masking) to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data, and ensure data privacy.Post digitisation

Records management facilitates digital transformation

Electronic records management is a core component of any digital transformation strategy and essential for information governance. Organisations have accelerated their digital transformation efforts following the Covid pandemic, to improve productivity, to achieve greater business agility, and to embed best practice.

To enable organisations to make a fast and complete upgrade to digital processes, Document Logistix provides a bulk scanning service in its in-house bureau, which digitises paper records and automatically captures document metadata for categorisation, retrieval and life-cycle management.

Specialist records management

In the USA, Document Logistix helpsDistrict Attorney offices to manage e-Disclosure, which is a specialised form or digital records management that enables prosecutors and defence attorneys to access evidence associated with a trial and ensure full disclosure.

Help is at hand during your records management journey

Contact us to learn about electronic records management today, hear about successful digital transformation projects, and get feedback on your own ERM plans and aspirations.


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