Manage the life cycle of your documentation

Manage the life cycle of your documentation from information capture to deletion

Document Life cycle Cloud, On-site or hybrid

If you are looking for a Cloud, on-site or hybrid document management system, or looking for SaaS or a flexible licensing model, Document Manager helps you to track and control information throughout the document lifecycle.

Track and manage all your paper and electronic information on one secure centrally-controlled system, from the time it enters your company to deletion.

Document Logistix document management software gives you the confidence that you can capture and store incoming information and that only approved information is accessed by the approved personnel.

The system gives you a best practice framework for managing any kind of documentation, paper, electronic, images and video. You can configure forms and fields so that they correspond with your in-house business terms and processes.

Your document management software works with other business applications and on any device. Your entire business – office-based, multi-site, field and remote workers - can see, collaborate and comment on, and approve documents.

Dynamic workflow, with alerts and escalation checkpoints, helps to overcome process bottlenecks and costly delays, which improves cash flow and translates into staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Best of all, you can embed best practice document management as an invisible part of your business. Proper records and data management, with full traceability and auditability, is especially important to organisations who face high regulatory and compliance demands.

All companies benefit from digital records management when it comes to managing compliance with GDPR and reducing the potential of large fines.

The complexity surrounding documents associated with finance, HR, customer services, legal matters, procurement and manufacturing is increasing all the time.

Our retention module helps you to automate otherwise hard-to-manage data retention and deletion policies. Simple indexing means that documents are kept for the correct period of time and destroyed at the prescribed time.

Retention automation saves significant time and money and gives you the peace of mind that everything is stored securely and time-stamped for appropriate actions.

Management teams benefit from instant reporting and can add business intelligence dashboards to see events across departments and critical activities.

Take advantage of the full range of Document Logistix installation and purchase options, from on-premise to Cloud and hybrid systems, with SaaS and licensing models to ensure you only pay for what you need.


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