Intelligent Data Capture & OCR Scanning Bureau Services

Intelligent Data Capture & OCR Scanning Bureau Services

Intelligent data capture software

Document Logistix provides precise data capture and scanning solutions. Our lead product, Document Manager, enables you to capture specific text from your invoices, claim forms, emails and correspondence, or any document type, as it enters your business.

Our OCR scanning bureau service enables you to digitise archive material and to extract and index specific text from documents. Digitising documents can be a valuable project at times of merger or acquisition, or when large number of records need to be stored or transferred, for example in an HR or TUPE process.

Moving to scanned documents saves businesses a huge amount of time on data entry and vastly improves the accuracy of data capture and records keeping. Captured data can be validated and indexed against key criteria, which creates a streamlined approach for data entry.

OCR scanning and bureau services

OCR Scanning Services is the process of using Optical Character Recognition technology to convert scanned text documents into fully searchable files. ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is the process of identifying different fonts and handwriting styles in a physical document so they can be used in searches.

Any document can benefit from OCR scanning and intelligent data capture technology, including: Invoices, Claims, HR Documents, Purchase Orders, Application Forms, Surveys, Complaints, Vehicle documents, GRN, POD and Insurance documents.

The long-term benefit of ICR and Optical Character Recognition services is that large numbers of printed documents can be returned as keyword-searchable files, which enables staff to find precisely the information they need.

Document Logistix scanning bureau works extensively with logistics, finance and leasing companies to capture and host paper and digital records.

Intelligent data capture the future of business

Intelligent data capture is the next big push for businesses looking to reduce costs, improve validation processes and enhance customer experience.

As an example of an imperative for introducing intelligent capture, consider the world of banking that has changed so quickly, from the days of limited physical branch opening times, to ATMs, to today’s always accessible online services. There is a continuous drive to improve the customer’s experience while streamlining processes.

Intelligent data capture enables businesses to benchmark their performance and transform and automate current workflows in order to reduce costs and create effective business and customer processes. What started out largely in the accounts payable department is being introduced to every aspect of business, from HR on-boarding to account management.

Intelligent data capture combines best practice expertise and solutions from paper scanning and OCR scanning to intelligent data extraction and dynamic workflow design.

Introducing intelligent capture helps to eliminate manual data entry and improve transactional efficiency by liberating the 80% of business intelligence that is generally trapped inside un-structure, un-managed documents.

Customers expect real-time

As customers come to expect a real-time desktop or mobile experience, the next push is document and data capture. Intelligent capture solutions are helping businesses to remove the inefficiencies of paper in activities such as approvals, opening a client account and a wide range of validation processes.

Intelligent capture is also helping companies to deliver better customer services with new case management and business intelligence capability.

Documents don’t have to be paper

Company profits and meeting customer expectations depend on the same requirements, namely, speed and efficiency. There is no place for paper in a drive for cost reduction and customer responsiveness. In the case of banks, a glance at how loans are processed provides a clue to current efficiency levels as they are the laggard in most banks when it comes to going paperless.

If you discover a paper process and a manual workflow in your business, you are paying for logistics, printing and administration that necessarily involve delay and reduce profits.

Intelligent digital document and data capture enable approval, administration and account management processes to be streamlined and automated.

Explore intelligent data capture

Would you like to explore how to replace paper-based workflows in order to enjoy the advantages of digital?

Mobile data capture, multichannel input and advanced account management create operational improvements.

Paper documents are transformed into legally admissible images and stored within a document management system where they can be retrieved at any time.

The Document Logistix scanning bureau can help you digitise past records so that you can operate unified records data.
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