Housing sector: Digital processes matter

Housing sector lockdown lessons: Digital processes matter

Housing sector: Digital processes matter

As lockdown restrictions ease, many companies are reviewing their digital processes. There is discussion about the potential for hybrid working, which, for historically office-based companies, will mean system upgrades. The pandemic has forced every business to examine operations to ensure that work keeps flowing, with effective security measures. In turn, operational changes have generated a heightened need for management line-of-sight and control.

Becoming a digital-first organisation

We’ve learned during a turbulent period that change happens fast. However, an innovative business that embraces digital processes is better prepared for change.

Many housing providers are considering the critical steps to achieve digital agility.

An expert’s view: data centralisation, workflow efficiency and compliance

Emilie Martin, Document Logistix’ Housing specialist, reports, “We help with digital transformation. One of the challenges for the housing sector is migrating legacy paper and electronic documents to a secure central hub quickly. Data migration presents a particular hurdle when organisations are acquired or merge. 

Another concern for housing organisations is the increasing impact of both regulatory data measures, such as GDPR, and subject access requests (SARs). A centralised system enables organisations to automate data retention and destruction according to prescribed timescales, and to fulfil SARs efficiently with assured data redaction (removal). 

Centralised data is key to security, workflow and management control. I am pleased to say that during the pandemic we have helped housing organisations to accelerate their digital strategies, which has included the digitisation of millions of legacy records in our digital document management system, Document Manager.”

Embedding best practice

The introduction of digital document management enables companies to embed best practice by capturing and assigning paper and electronic documents to designated workflows as they enter the business. 

Data in all its formats – email, PDF, video – can be managed from one secure data hub, from where documents can be workflowed with designated checkpoints and alerts.

Encrypted documents are instantly accessible throughout their life-cycle, until they are automatically deleted in compliance with regulatory timescales.

Document Manager provides a clear view of staff tasks and documents such as tenant agreements, payments, complaints, health and safety records, maintenance and procurement. 

Digital agility for new market conditions

There are new business imperatives as the commercial world re-opens; businesses want assured continuity and seek new agility, while some historically office-based staff seek more flexibility.

To work effectively within tight budgets, improve service levels or maximise rentals, property management organisations and housing associations are turning to digital document management to manage the life-cycle of documents and the information they contain.

Only a digital solution provides the workflow efficiency, security and management control required to evolve your business with complete confidence.

A world of change in the Housing sector

Emilie Martin says, “We saw dramatic changes in the housing sector as a result of the pandemic. For example, Tenancy Services had to replace what would usually happen face to face with digital services.

Connecting repairs tradespeople to tenants followed along similar lines, and processes evolved to enable tenants to send diagnostic photographs directly to tradespeople. This raises issues around the tenant’s data privacy if their personal details are shared.

Digital transformation involves using technologies to create new business processes, cultures, and staff and customer experiences to adapt to changing environments. I help housing organisations to take full advantage of digital processes while eliminating potential risks.”

Contact Emilie Martin, Housing Sector specialist, for more information about implementing or expanding your digital business processes. 




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