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Enhanced digital business processes for all industry sectors
Document Logistix helps organisations in all sectors, private and public, to extract maximum value from digital document management. The importance of DM was brought into sharp focus by the Covid pandemic which meant that digitisation immediately became business critical and not only a source of savings and efficiency. During the pandemic Document Logistix helped companies in Manufacturing, Professional Services and Logistics - in Finance and HR departments - to accelerate digitisation and achieve a fast return on investment.

Hotel and Leisure

Hospitality is one of the most exciting and dynamic industry sectors that frequently involves balancing first rate facilities with cost management. The multiple demands of guests, controlling expenses and managing all other responsibilities takes more than a good manager to bring order in the busy world of the hospitality industry.

Document Logistix in the hospitality sector

Document Logistix empowers hotels and hospitality companies to streamline electronic and paper documents in automated workflows to gain the control needed to ensure smooth operations, data compliance and cost reduction.

Document Logistix helps organisations in the hospitality sector such as hotels, restaurants, food and beverage outlets, events companies and events venues.

The twin drivers in the hospitality sector are efficiency, to service customers effectively, and compliance, to maintain data securely and meet regulatory and audit standards.

Managing documents across large estates

One of our hotel customers manages half a million documents a year across more than 50 hotels. Half of the documents are invoices; others include supply and delivery documents (GRNs), as well as in-house documents, such as timesheets and HR holiday requests. In addition, there is guest information, which is a CRM asset that requires secure storage according to data privacy requirements.

We help to streamline the flow of information – from capture to storage – to achieve requisite approvals for purchases and payments. We also help to implement effective and efficient registration documentation solutions.

Document Logistix helps to achieve smooth front of house, customer-facing operations, and back of house administrative efficiency.

Customer data: GDPR and industry regulations

There always was pressure on organisations to capture and manage customer information securely. The introduction of GDPR in 2018 added another layer of compliance complexity around privacy and data protection, which dictates how client data is kept, used and shared.

Document Logistix helps hotels, restaurants, food and beverage suppliers, and events organisations to capture and store information to meet data protection requirements. Data can be redacted (masked) to enable viewing without compromising privacy and data is tagged on entry to ensure that it is automatically retained and purged in accordance with data regulations.

Digital processes are a necessity for efficient data retention today, as manual processes simply cannot cope with the multiple document types and their associated retention/purge periods.

Rules-based workflow information capture

Rules-based workflow means that client, product, supply and invoicing procedures are followed strictly according to company policy. Each checkpoint requires completion before further progress is allowed.

Automation enables you to embed best practice in your digital business processes, with workflows that trigger threshold alerts or escalation to senior staff to prevent bottlnecks and ensure that procedures are met.

Go paperless OR digitise paper information

Many hotels, restaurants and events venues aspire to going paperless, yet in reality have to rely on many paper forms and print high volumes of documents every day. Paper is hard to track and costly to manage.

Document Logistix will help you to go paperless where you can, and to manage paper-based information far more efficiently and securely with digital storage solutions. If required, we can help you to digitise legacy records in a short period of time in our in-house scanning bureau.

Digital documents: capture, store, retrieve

Digital document management enables companies in the hospitality sector to capture information comprehensively, store and manage it securely, and allow permissions-based access instantly from any location. Backroom admin activity can be undertaken by remote workers if required and business intelligence dashboards ensure that managers have a clear line-of-sight across all operations, include the work of dispersed teams..


Centralised data, digitising paper and auditability

As digital document management overcomes the problems classically associated with paper-based systems and data silos, audit trails are complete and quickly produced.

Historically data has been kept in multiple systems and locations such as CRM, HR, Customer Services, filing cabinets and often emails on standalone workstations.   

The ability to keep time-stamped information in one location greatly eases the burden of administration for head office and each hospitality location.

Digitally streamlining operational processes

Hospitality organisations generate a constant stream of paperwork, for example: guest information, supplier information, staff records, general correspondence, invoices, contracts, health and safety and maintenance records, and receipts. The majority of documents today are electronic, received via email, yet paper documents are still a significant part of day-to-day operations. The key to success, regardless of format, is accurate information capture and secure storage that facilitates immediate access and information management. Successful hospitality operations use Document Logistix to digitise and index electronic and paper documents.

Digital storage and document process automation with Document Logistix’ flagship system, Document Manager, helps customers to overcome process bottlenecks and deliver business efficiency that meets compliance requirements. 

How Document Manager optimises processes

1 – Automatic Document Capture
Document Manager collects, sorts and stores documents of any format with the help of intelligent capture and indexing. Document Manager distributes them to the right members of staff, and works with mobile devices and business apps.

2 – Digitally Directs Workflow Approvals
Document Manager automates business processes through rules-based workflows. Tasks are assigned immediately to the right staff members. Since records are all directly linked, everyone has immediate access to what they need so that they can make informed decisions.

3 – Meets Compliance Guidelines
Document Manager looks after your data retention and reporting obligations. Every document is stored according to legal stipulations, which also means that every transaction can be tracked. Document Manager uses multiple encryption layers to ensure security.

4 – Third Party Systems Integration
Document Manager integrates with all leading third party systems, which makes it possible to store and search documents in Document Manager from any departmental system, and to take content from documents and enter it into your other management systems.

5 – Improves Security
Whether you are protecting paper documents or digital documents, security is vital. Document Manager provides the highest levels of security.

6 – Gives You Control and Visibility
When was a document received? Where is the document in the operational process? Who accessed the document last? Document Manager makes each stage in the life cycle of a document completely totally clear.

7 – Information Immediately Available
All stored documents and all information can be retrieved in seconds. As new documents are added to the system or changes occur in the status of a document, Document Manager automatically updates the appropriate members of staff via digital workflows. Email notifications and task lists ensure that the flow of information is continuous.


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