Document Logistix Webinar - Topic 2: Getting Started With Electronic Document Management

Getting Started With Electronic Document Management

The volume of information produced and stored by organisations is growing at a phenomenal rate; IDC calculates that the amount of information being generated doubles every two years. However, this growth is making it harder to effectively and securely store information, while still providing easy access to those who need it.

The answer is an electronic document management (EDM) system, also known as a content management system, records management, information management system of enterprise portal.

Whatever term you use to describe it, the fundamentals are the same - to manage different kinds of documents, such as invoices, sales orders, photographs, phone interviews, or videos, using computer programmes and storage. Your EDM system exists to make your life easier by:

  • Capturing and loading information into the system.
  • Storing and archiving files and documents.
  • Supporting and administering any compliance or legal requirements.
  • Search tools that enable the finding and retrieval of information.
  • Security and access controls to stop unauthorised access to data.
  • An audit system to track of the life-cycle of a document.
  • A workflow system that allows the automatic routing of documents to people or departments.

But before you get carried away implementing a shiny new system, you need to have a robust, informed strategy in place to ensure your EDM is employed effectively throughout your organisation, and by which to measure success.

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This event is designed for senior information managers, including CEOs, CIOs, financial directors, HR managers and marketing managers.

  • Bottom-line benefits of electronic document management.
  • Conducting an information flow audit.
  • Making document life cycle decisions.
  • Creating an EDM strategy.

Important considerations for your EDM solution


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