Gartner recommendations: size, capability and service are important when choosing a technology partner

Selection criteria for an EDMS technology partner

If you are looking at electronic document management for the first time, do suppliers and products look similar to you? If you are looking to upgrade your EDM system, what should you look for in a new DM partner?

Gartner suggests size, capability and service are important when choosing a technology partner, such as for document management

Look for Size fit, Speed and great Service when choosing a company to help with integration, workflow, compliance and business processes.

Look for experienced and customer-focused

Managing documents, information and data are high priorities for businesses trying to achieve efficiency and workflow effectiveness.

The office environment’s first ‘win’ against documents was the filing cabinet in the 1880s. It still used today.

However, the idealist’s dream is the paperless office … which remains a long way off for most organisations.

Effective document management entails usability, integration, security, and, today, mobility … plus value pricing options and expert support.

A history of innovation and R&D

Document Logistix was one of the first document management software developers. The company has a research and development (R&D) team at the core.

Document Logistix’ customer base has grown throughout the UK and in the US among customers and partners who appreciate Document Logistix product advantages and knowledgeable support.

Off the shelf and bespoke solutions

Document Logistix provides SME and enterprise-ready solutions to customers in many industries, and to public sector organisations in education and housing, among others, looking to optimise budgets.

Document Logistix case studies demonstrate Document Logistix nimbleness and technical capability when it comes to solving customers’ business issues. Document Logistix credited with transforming digital workflow processes. The positive impact of implementation have ranged from an HR on-boarding solution for a component manufacturer, to an e-Discovery solution for District Attorney Offices.

Document Logistix agility drives customer satisfaction

It’s all about you! Document Logistix Directors and Account Managers are determined to work in the most agile way to:

  • Understand customer challenges in detail
  • Create additional benefits and ROI
  • Provide a solution based on a clear business case

Document Logistix’ document management solutions are not associated with an unwieldy technology stack that means you have to buy more than you need and makes training costly.

Plus, Document Logistix’ commercial terms offer sensible value pricing and negotiation. Account Managers are encouraged to deal with each sale on its merits and what’s required to achieve success for the customer.

Commercial agility, as well as technical agility, is key to meeting customer needs.

The solution price can be right

Without cumbersome bureaucracy, Document Logistix is flexible when it comes to customer budgets, needs and requests.

Document Logistix offers licensing and deployment options from Business Edition to enterprise solution, all with on-premise, hosted, Cloud and hybrid configuration options on purchase, rental or SaaS terms.

‘Working with customers’ is embedded in Document Logistix philosophy

At Document Logistix, we view customers as confidantes. We consult with customers to solicit feedback and to understand emerging challenges. We have numerous examples of collaboration that has led to mutually beneficial breakthroughs. A video one of our recent user groups demonstrates how we collaborate with customers.

Document Logistix founder and CTO, Tim Cowell, guides the R&D team to deliver the best possible solutions. Managing Director, Dan Wajzner, is hands-on with established partners to ensure Document Logistix delivers the best end-to-end information capture, storage and sharing management.

Document Logistix innovation such as Dynamic Workflow originates in customer engagement. The latest Workflow Designer is dynamic and allows organisations to evaluate their business processes, then drag and drop a new workflow into their systems.

Quick technology benefits

Document Logistix thrives on fast-track solution roll out, from planning to training. We work with the management team, IT department and users to produce maximum commercial rewards.

With Document Logistix it’s personal

We respond quickly to helpdesk queries. You are assured of our best attention because the product development team won’t tolerate anything ‘coming home to roost.’

According to Gartner, what should you look for in an ideal document management solution partner?

Companies should look for suppliers with these characteristics:

  • Proven capability
  • Relevant experience and success
  • Evidence of helping businesses like yours
  • Listens and understands my challenges
  • Flexible approach to sales
  • Personal attention
  • Knowledgeable Account Managers
  • Clear product roadmap

Document Logistix ticks all of the boxes. Contact people who have your best interests at heart.


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