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How are you achieving signatures and proof of approval while working remotely? Try Digital Signatures to stay productive and compliant.

We hope you are keeping safe. During this enforced period of remote working, many of our customers have sought ways to get documents signed that have usually required a 'wet' signature in person and/or complicated scanning. Let us introduce a fast, simple-to-use electronic alternative that fits with your digital strategy.

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Are you finding it difficult to record approvals, to get signatures quickly, and to operate securely when your usual method of capturing signatures is not available. A lengthy make-do "request, write, scan, email, download, upload" process is neither efficient nor secure. Some processes - such as in Research and Development, and Healthcare - require multiple signatures throughout a complex workflow, and it's simply not possible to achieve a 'wet' signature at every stage.

For many of our customers in Finance, HR, and Procurement – in sectors such as Medical, Logistics, Legal and Housing – there are strict legal, QA and workflow requirements for signatures. Now you can digitise even further.

Getting a digital or electronic signature for your business is simple and doesn’t require complicated installation. With the VIDsigner service, from Validated ID, Document Logistix helps you to use digital signatures: sign yourself or send documents to sign to whoever you want, just by registering. 

VIDsigner will help you to manage all the many types of important documents that require a signature. Don’t delay projects; get a signature in minutes. Say goodbye to printing, signing, scanning and sending emails. Signing an online PDF is faster and more secure. You only have to upload the document, enter the data of the signer (Name, Surname, ID, Email, and Telephone) and receive the returned document on your computer, tablet or smartphone. That easy!

Digital signatures are like electronic “fingerprints.” In the form of a coded message, the digital signature securely associates a signer with a document in a recorded transaction. Digital signatures use a standard format, called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide the highest levels of security and universal acceptance.

  • Streamline processes that usually require many steps and automate secure evidence collection.
  • No installation knowledge required.
  • Double validation email and OTP (One Time Password) to signer's smartphone to secure your identity
  • The process of issuing, receiving and approving documents is fast, efficient and easily manageable.
  • The signature is insured for legal evaluation.


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