Business intelligence dashboard for dispersed teams and agile operations

Business intelligence real-time dashboard for dispersed teams and agile operations


Real-time business intelligence dashboard presents multiple business-critical data sources in a single view.

During a time of increased remote working, it’s essential that managers and staff are afforded a forensically clear view of a business’ key performance indicators, which may historically have been available in an office or office-generated. 

Key indicators comprise business components such as cashflow, orders, procurement activity, stock levels, delivery status; geographical intelligence such as office, depot or distribution activity; quality insights such as fulfilment levels, complaints, satisfaction ratings and loyalty trends; and softer data insights into attributes such as welfare and wellbeing.

During the pandemic and ofterwards Document Logistix has witnessed a significant uptake of our business intelligence tools, notably in the retail, finance, insurance and legal sectors. Any organisation in any sector will benefit greatly from an early warning solution that provides a dashboard view of critical data, especially in times of commercial uncertainty.

Introducing business intelligence at your fingertips

Document Manager BI is a three-in-one single solution that combines business intelligence with quick and easy reporting, and powerful predictive analytics in self-service dashboards.

Document Manager BI works seamlessly in Document Manager to aggregate any data that is important to running your business. Staff are empowered to be proactive based on real-time business intelligence clearly presented right in front of them. 

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Document Manager BI is easy-to-use business intelligence and dashboard reporting software. It is a single reporting tool that can show data from multiple sources in one place.

Initially developed for the UK finance sector, the reporting dashboard is highly secure and GDPR compliant.

The BI dashboard makes it easy for anyone to visualise and interact with their data in real time, anywhere, on any device.

Dashboard Data Connectors

There are a wide range of connectors and pre-configured dashboards that bring multiple data sources together in Document Manager BI. 

Business Intelligence Report

Make company-wide reporting as easy as it should be.

BI Report is a new Document Manager BI module that allows you to create and schedule in-depth visual reports.

The reporting module allows users to schedule charts to other users via email, and applies the relevant, current security restrictions and user permissions as it distributes reports.

Panintelligence dashboard



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