The University of Huddersfield’s Human Resources Department Implements Document Management Solution

Document Management for University of Huddersfield

One of the benefits of working with a trusted partner is that they get to know the specifics of your business processes to understand your requirements in detail. Document Logistix builds solutions around customer requirements rather than a feature set.

The University required digital document management integration into their HR solution, iTrent, which Document Logistix provided through its longstanding partnership with MHR. Stuart Preston, Head of Payroll and Pensions at the University of Huddersfield, said, “We were spending a lot of time and expending resources on complicated manual practices: printing documents, physical archiving, retrieving and managing storage.”

The scale of the challenge of HR Document Management

The problem of record keeping took the form of 5000 ‘hanging’ physical records for core and casual staff.

The roles and document types associated with records vary from leaver records to decades-old pension records, and from disciplinary records to grievances, all of which must be held securely for specific lengths of time, from 5 to 40 years. Some documents must also be deleted or destroyed at the end of mandatory retention periods.

The time associated with printing, storing, retrieving and maintaining HR records was significant. The process was inefficient and staff were necessarily forced to work on relatively low-level administrative and logistical tasks rather than strategic work.

Centralised storage with Document Manager is secure and auditable

Document Manager enables University staff to capture and store scanned paper documents and electronic documents. Once captured, data is stored centrally and can be retrieved and viewed from any location in seconds.

Human Resources documents frequently contain sensitive information, personal, financial and professional. Security is therefore a significant factor in best-practice HR operations. Document Manager allows each system user to be restricted to access only the information they need to perform their job, with access levels governed to appropriate privileges, from redacted access, to ‘read only’, to full administrative rights.

While the University’s physical documents were previously held securely and were only available to approved staff, Document Manager provides additional storage security and a full digital audit trail of access and activity, which makes it simple to comply with internal and external audits, and to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Integration with MHR’s HR software, iTrent

Many HR customers are addressing the key issue of workflow to streamline business processes, automate review dates, alert and escalate approvals, and create optimum environments for staff to be productive.

Some systems contain many thousands, even millions of records, so manual search is simply impractical. Competing systems have clunky search techniques that often show duplicate or multiple versions of the same document. By contrast, users of MHR products integrated with Document Logistix’ Document Manager experience powerful search capabilities and zero duplication. Complete histories of large amounts of complex data can be produced in seconds to satisfy strict audit standards.

Jason Field of Document Logistix said: “The introduction of GDPR in 2018 placed an even greater duty of care on HR professionals in terms of document management. Full seamless integration into iTrent helps organisations manage and automate data privacy from the time information is captured, through any mandatory retention periods, to the time data is destroyed.”

The University can specify the lifespans of HR documents when they are loaded on the system and vary the retention period across standard employee records, disciplinary records, visas, ‘right to work’ documents, pensions, and many different types of information

Very positive user feedback and a meeting room gained

Document Logistix helped the University to scan its legacy paper records and reclaim the ‘dead’ physical space for productive purposes. In a relatively short time, the University had a centralised solution.

Stuart Preston says, “We gained a meeting room!” More important was his feedback on users’ feelings about Document Manager and its integration with iTrent. “They love it,” he reports. “Academic organisations are sometimes cautious about making changes, but there was no resistance, and nobody has ever complained.”

Of Document Logistix, Stuart Preston says that the sales advisors and technical support teams provided solid advice, a quick turnaround, and went above and beyond in their determination to deliver a good job.

The University is meeting KPIs

Behind the HR digitisation project were some ambitious university-wide plans to reduce the cost per transaction.

Stuart Preston says the HR department has already seen the time associated with storing and retrieving documents radically reduced. The benefits extend far further given the advent of GDPR and the potential for subject access requests; the time and risks associated with managing compliance have also been slashed.

The new digital systems mean that the HR department can deploy its resources better and more efficiently, with staff able to focus on higher worth projects, and enjoy more of prospects of career development



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