Document Logistix pioneers e-Discovery | District Attorney e-Disclosure

Document Logistix pioneers e-Discovery

Document Manager: full case disclosure

The requirements of full case disclosure are prescribed by Congressional Acts such as “Brady disclosure” and State Acts such as the “Michael Morton Act” in Texas.

The drive for greater criminal case transparency arises from Congressional Acts that prescribe the availability of evidence, as is called for by ‘Brady disclosure.’ Information and evidence that is material to the guilt or innocence, or to the punishment of a defendant, must be made available.

While Congressional Acts mandate disclosure, they do not specify a disclosure process. Typically state representatives, including state attorneys, the police, crime and forensics labs, have been forced to rely on an expensive mix of sorting paper by hand, scanning and digital posting or sharing.

It has historically been difficult for small and mid-size counties to comply with directives. However, along with larger organizations, they now have access to cost-effective e-Discovery systems.

Document Logistix helps state agencies compile and transfer information in electronic format. Information may include hundreds of pages of lab data, or supplementary evidence such as police video, all of which the state attorney’s office can make available to lawyers efficiently, either directly and/or via a central repository.


Document Manager Legal for District Attorneys and state agencies comprises:

  • A simple to use electronic filing cabinet
  • Integration into existing Case Management Programs
  • The ability to store audio and video files
  • Automated Discovery Summarization Document for court
  • Audit Trail feature that ensures fair representation
  • Tools to streamline Open Records Requests

Document Logistix systems are feature-rich and also balance the benefits of the latest technology with how people and law offices work, to support the Electronic Discovery Reference Model by enabling software users to distribute and share critical information quickly and efficiently.

The e-Discovery system makes it simple for defense attorneys to log-in and download all of the documentation relating to a case, including audio and video.

The system offers an audit trail, which tracks the history of every action to a file.  (Who opened it, at what time, and at a specific IP address) to ensure fair representation and a ‘Michael Morton’ compliance document with a time-stamped description of all logged documents.

Document Logistix received this highly favorable review of its innovative e-Discovery solution.

“With the help of Document Logistix, the Waller County District Attorney’s office has become the leader in Texas, and possibly the US, in criminal case discovery compliance. Collaborating with Document Logistix and nationally known prosecutor Warren Diepraam, we have produced a product that not only ensures open and honest criminal prosecutions, but also helps protect prosecutors from Brady claims and streamlines the sharing of information.”

As well as transparency, cost reduction is another benefit of electronic innovation, as it means all parties can avoid unnecessary duplication of time and disclosure expense.

Contact Document Logistix for more information about Criminal Case Discovery Electronic Information Management. We can help make eDiscovery relatively simple so you're compliant and cost-efficient.
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