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Construction Sector Document Management Software for planning, H&S, orders, projects

Construction companies
Information management software

Construction schedules and regulations are tight. Document Manager helps with control.

Construction projects start with effective information management. All organisations (owner, PM, contractors, suppliers subcontractors) on construction projects need fast access to the latest version of documents, including drawings, BIM models, contracts, reports, schedules, bids, tenders, H&S regulations, inccident reports, and more.

Construction companies generate enormous quantities of paper and digital documentation. They face specific challenges to meet buidlng schedules, health and safety requirements, inspections, and more.

Document Logistix's construction sector solutions help customers to capture, store, share and retrieve the information contained in various document types so that building projects run efficiently.

Staff and any other approved users involved can see at a glance past activity and current activity. Document Manager is a resourceful tool for management teams who can search by date range or view by contact type such as, contractor records, order and stores records, incident reports, payments and invoicing and inspection records. Document Manager is a dynamic solution that operates at the heart of your business, with a built-in diary function that allows users to link documents and activities to automated reminders.

  • Customers receive a better service
  • Staff work more efficiently
  • Save time and money on administration
  • Documents safeguarded against disaster

Drawing management and information search

Access current and accurate drawings without searching, waiting, or working off the wrong designs – anytime, anywhere. View drawings and BIM/3D models directly in your browser. Enjoy mark-up, overlay, and real-time comments. Quickly find any document or model using powerful metadata-based tools and Google-like keywords.

Access the latest document when working in the field, from any device

Be sure that you are accessing the latest, up-to-date information from any device, PC, phone or tablet, wherever you are. 

Better information for construction customers, staff and suppliers

To work effectively within tight budgets, manage site welfare, improve service levels or maximise profits, construction companies use electronic document management (EDM) solutions to manage information and business workflow.

Document Manager integrates with leading systems and allows you to operate across departmental functions such as build management, accounts and finance, maintenance, HR, health and safety.

Document Manager clients often start out with an ambition to reduce paper-based admin that generates an expensive mountain of paperwork. These initiatives alone can result in large savings.

Clients then start to look closer at their document information strategy and how integrated digital solutions support their business needs.

Construction Document Management Solution

When information is captured accurately, is always up to date, is easy to store, retrieve, access and share, the whole construction company runs better for everyone involved.

No more rows of filing cabinets, manila folders and straining in-trays with the delays, version control, lost documentation, frustration and lost days of productivity they inevitably involve.

Document Manager Software for Construction

  • Finance: Procurement / Invoice approval / Auto Invoice Recognition / Auto Invoice Matching / New Supplier Request / Payment Requests / Expenses
  • Activity Management: Proper audit trails, information and activity visibility.
  • Site Management: 360 degree site management including faster approvals and authorisation, fire risk and health and safety assessment, crew scheduling, ordering, invoicing and payments.
  • Access and Security: With strict access control Document Manager offers excellent security and complete audit trails of activity.


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