Dynamic graphical workflow design management

Dynamic Graphical Workflow Designer

Dynamic graphical workflow
design management

Document Logistix’s graphical dynamic workflow design tool makes it incredibly simple for anyone to plan, design, review and implement a new workflow. Even to roll back if you want to revert to a previous workflow version.

Dynamic workflow design eliminates the high cost of workflow programming. You can simply drag and drop workflow milestones, and label them to suit your workflow, for example, ‘Pre Approval’, ‘Approved’ and ‘Filed’, or ‘Ordered’, ‘Checked’, ‘Despatched’.

Assign any number of labelled workflow checkpoints with sub tasks for people according to their role or responsibility. Rules prevent work passing to the next stage until each checkpoint requirement is met.

You can assign alerts and email messages to flag issues or ask for comments. There’s a full audit trail at the end of a workflow process. If there’s an exception, say in an accounting process, the records can be reviewed to explain why a particular order was credited or discounted, say, because of a part shipment, and who authorised it.

Workflow Designer can be used to create workflows for any business function; a manufacturing process; an HR process from recruitment to on-boarding, training and performance reviews; warehousing and distribution; professional services or retail business processes.

Drag and drop your chosen checkpoints, assign roles, actions and responsibilities, and watch your timeline and workflow materialise on your monitor. Share with colleagues for comments. For the first time, teams can capture the views of everyone involved in a process to ensure that there are no bottlenecks in the workflow.

When everyone’s happy with the new workflow, simply publish and implement it at the click of a mouse. If for any reason you need to rollback back to a previous workflow version, it’s an easy option.

Visualise, design and implement document-centric workflows

Drag n Drop your new workflow to implement automated processes, from simple Purchasing or Purchase Order workflows, to complex supply chain workflows.
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