DLX Avara Foods digital transformation
webinar recording May 2021

DLX Avara Foods digital transformation
webinar recording May 2021

In this video Kimberly Oakman, Head of People Services, and Craig Battison, HR Systems Manager, describe in detail how Avara Foods introduced digital document management from scratch in the HR department.   

Avara Foods is one of the UK’s largest food businesses, supplying chicken and turkey to the nation’s most popular supermarkets and restaurants. The company typically has about 110 members of staff working in the HR department managing 7,000 employees across 9 main production sites and 50 satellite locations.

Why watch this webinar?

Hear the candid obersvations of highly experienced HR and IT professionals about their experience on the ground as they planned for and introduced new ways of working in a complex, safety-conscious, multi-site business. This webinar recording will give you valuable inights into how to begin your organisation's digital transformation or enhance current systems and processes.

This Avara Foods digitisation webinar covers topics such as: 

  • Standardising HR systems
  • Process review, implementation and goals
  • Staff inclusion, training and culture change  
  • Digitising a quarter of million legacy records
  • Document indexing and creating a dashboard  
  • Phasing system roll out
  • Enabling fast 24/7 remote access ("a pandemic godsend") 
  • Strengthening compliance and eliminating shadow data
  • Observations on digital benefits to date  
  • Setting foundations for online onboarding, self-service and retention 

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