If you could track all PIRs on one screen, would you donate your Post-it notes to charity?

If you could track all PIRs on one screen, would you donate your Post-it notes to charity?

Digital Tools Help Track Your Public Information Requests (PIRs)

Track public information requests (PIRs)

If you are responsible for your agency’s Public Information Requests (PIRs) I’m sure that you have a horror story of your own to add.  We haven’t heard them all but every time we meet with someone new we add another to the “list”.

We aren’t sure what’s worse: the PIRs themselves or the never-ending challenge of managing the process of responding to them.  

Agencies have processes in place to receive new PIRs but if you have a problem tracking how long you have to respond to the various PIRs, then you’re not alone. Most agencies might have a person, or a team of people, to manage this process in various ways. Perhaps it is via email, or maybe on a shared folder. However, especially nowadays, it seems like time and resources are at a minimum.  

Document Logistix provides software to automatically accept PIRs via email and track them, as well as  send email reminders for important due dates. 
A digital dashboard that shows a running count of documents that need approval, or tasks awaiting review ensure that you can see all of your important information, at-a-glance. (Say goodbye to the Post-it notes).


Workflow automation tools can:

  • automatically route documents for review based on pre-configured business criteria,
  • pre-populate response templates, or digitally mimic your existing process flow.  

Please contact Document Logistix in the USA if you are interested to discuss Public Information Request Management or your document management requirements.

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