GDPR Video: coping with Subject Access Requests (SARs), accountability, storage and audits

Subject Access Requests, GDPR,
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In this video, Jason Field covers how digital document management is helping organisations to manage GDPR responsibilties a year on from the introduction of strict new European-wide privacy requirements. Topics covered inlcude the 'right to be forgotten', subject access requests (SARs), accountability, Data Protection Officers (DPO), information security, data access audits, data storage, penalties for GDPR breaches, ICO breach notification, and what constitutes persona data.

Digital document management helps companies to manage GDPR implcations in a number of ways. Process automation is key. However, Jason reminds us that processes must be kept under review in order to comply, as processes must be applied consistently to documents, by type, each time they are processed.

Automated retention also helps companies to work within GDPR guidelines. Finance documents can be automatically purged after seven years, for example, but exceptions can be identified that may be required to be kept for longer while legal matters are outstanding. When it comes to HR documentation, complex rules can be applied to different document types, such as applications, holiday requests, disciplinary records and pension information. 

Auto retention also helps reduce costs significantly when companies implement their archiving and eventual deletion policies.

Central storage is one of the key ways to manage subject access requests (SARs) as it means information is housed in one location and fulfilment does not require searching different network locations or emails, etc. Document Manager further enhances SARs' fulfilment with the strength of its indiexing and search capabilities, which facilitate full text content search, and, if need be, redaction.



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