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Working with a Document Management partner provides a platform for growth.

Working with a Document Management partner provides a stable platform for growth.

FirstPort is one of the largest and most experienced Property Management companies in the UK. FirstPort initially asked Document Logistix for help to streamline their business processes, and has since reaped the benefits of extensive integration.

Moving towards a paperless office environment

The initial driver for FirstPort was the need to deal efficiently with the amount of paper records processed in their offices. The amount of office space taken up by paper was reaching unacceptable levels.

With over 3700 Developments under management as we ll as 5 operational locations security is also a significant factor for FirstPort.

With increasing distributed information, it is essential that the business has a secure document management strategy that safeguards against loss of documents and accidents such as fire.

Choosing Document Manager

FirstPort produced a set of business requirements in order to shortlist a number of potential suppliers, which became a shortlist of two companies. The functionality of Document Manager met the business requirements and the product offered flexibility for future development.

Expanding Document Manager Capability

When a company implements Document Manager, it experiences new and tangible benefits which, once assessed by management, can be rolled out and extended throughout the business and even to partners and customers. Standardisation is delivers benefits across an entire business.

The type of documentation and its various formats (paper, digital, email attachments, photographs, and more) can be reduced in complexity and handled in relatively simple rules-based workflows.

FirstPort’s document portfolio includes a very wide range of document type, as well as accounting and invoicing information, which may be the first point of DM implementation for many organisations.

Integration with Industry-specific Systems

Document Logistix is recognised for both its consulting and implementation expertise in integration. Customers comment the Document Logistix solutions are holistic compared with workarounds offered by competitors.

Document Logistix integrated Document Manager with Qube PM, FirstPort’s preferred software for commercial, residential and mixed use property management, which directly links FirstPort’s document flow with its CRM systems.

Document Logistix also managed the integration of COUPA, a cloud-based spend management suite described as savings-as-a-service.

Continuous Development and Automation

Looking to the future, FirstPort will be able to take advantage of system automation and introduce processes that save huge amounts of time and help the company to comply with document and data regulations providing more time on customer service.

FirstPort is working with Document Logistix as its strategic partner to introduce automated document retention policies to ensure that documents are stored for the required length of time or destroyed on the date dictated by regulations.

Benefits of Document Manager

  • Speed of a document-centric process
  • Secure retrieval of information from remote locations
  • Elimination of paper, freeing up valuable floor space
  • Simple integration with legacy and third party systems
  • Streamlined, through-business processes
  • Secure document access for authorised users
  • New efficiencies with the potential for automation

The Document Manager Solution

FirstPort are happy with the performance of the software and there has been a positive reaction throughout the business, in which clear benefits have been defined.

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