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Robroy Industries implements innovative digital HR solution (EDM)

Robroy hires approximately 100 people annually to work in multiple US locations, which presents administration challenges caused by volume and regional variations. The company took the ambitious decision to digitize the human resources on-boarding process, and asked Document Logistix to develop an electronic document solution.

The documentation problem lay in the vast quantity of information to be captured when employees join the company. The company’s ‘orientation packet’ typically contains 60 pages of documents.

The challenge of meeting HR compliance, regulatory and legal requirements

Lauren Conley, Director of Human Resources at Robroy, said, “Document Logistix and Robroy shared the goal to create a system that would be the best it could possibly be, and together we succeeded.”

Robroy can now track employee documents effectively throughout their time with the company.

Robroy has also achieved its objective in capturing information rigorously to an audit worthy standard, and making document administration easier for all.

Lauren Conley singled out as a highlight benefit the fact that the company recently scored 94% in its internal and external HR audits, which was a 15 year high.

In terms of productivity, the system gives HR staff a great boost as knowledge workers typically lose a day a week searching for information which is either hard to find, missing or out of date.

Multiple HR benefits and measurable ROI with electronic document management

Document Logistix builds solutions around customer requirements rather than a feature set.

The benefits of the new electronic HR document management system can be measured in time, speed, accuracy, employee and staff satisfaction, and reduced print costs now that Robroy has eliminated the need to collate hundreds of pages of documents.

In financial terms, it is estimated the company is saving $75,000 a year compared with its historical paper HR process.

Lauren Conley said, “Document Logistix always makes time to understand our needs. They really are a partner. We value their capabilities and we worked closely to develop a tailored, innovative HR solution.”

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