Digital Document Manager transforms the University of Birmingham

Document Management for University of Birmingham

Document Manager transforms the University of Birmingham. The University of Birmingham is over 100 years old and a founding member of Universitas 21, a group of elite research universities.

It was the first UK university to establish a faculty of commerce and Incorporate a medical school. The university attracts over 15,000 students from more than 150 countries.

Document Manager played a key role in transforming the way the university's Finance and Personnel departments and its academic offices process and store documents.

University experiences paper overload

The university's pensions administration staff had worked with an ever expanding paper-based records management system, which employed a large number of filing cabinets and occupied a great deal of office space. The system contained an individual file for each of the 22,000 scheme members.

Filing and retrieving documents from this system was time-consuming, and it was impacting staff performance. Staff found the system particularly frustrating when dealing with telephone enquiries. The system also only enabled one staff member to view a file at any given moment - causing further frustration and delays. The paper system provided no backup of the information it contained, and was therefore dangerously exposed to the risk of disaster.

The university offices were also due for relocation to new premises that would not be able to provide the same storage space for the large volume of paper files.

Choosing Document Manager

The university knew better document storage was urgently required. "We selected Document Manager from a range of competitors because it worked well with our business processes," says University Systems Accountant, Chris Palmer.

Benefits of Document Manager for Universities

  1. Risk management with full back-up of files
  2. Accelerated access to documents
  3. Telephone enquiries are dealt with more quickly
  4. Reduced requirement for document storage space
  5. Staff can now access files from their PCs
  6. Intuitive data structure and standard windows interface reduce training
  7. High levels of security
  8. Easy integration with existing IT systems

"We wanted a one-stop shop solution... staff now have instant access to any document they are authorised to view and any number of users can view the same document at the same time", says University Systems Accountant, Chris Palmer.

The Document Manager solution

Document Manager provides the University of Birmingham with a powerful storage facility for its documents and information. The system captures and indexes incoming documents, enabling staff to retrieve them quickly.

The system now serves the Finance Office, Human Resources and Academic Office. It holds histories for over 24,000 pension scheme members, over 14,000 staff and 65,000 students.

Document Manager allows staff to manage student files easily. They can share documents via e-mail and access them via a Web browser. It will also help the university process up to 150,000 supplier invoices this year more quickly.

Document Manager provides high levels of security. User access rights can be tailored and easily administered, providing complete control over who has access to documents. The system is compliant with all Freedom of Information and Data Protection legislation.

With Document Manager, the university has reduced its paper storage, improved staff access to documents and improved information backup. All members of the Personnel Office can now access all documents from their PC, and multiple users can review a document at one time, making dealing with queries a much faster process.

Document Manager requires little training. The intuitive Drawer/Folder/Document structure and standard windows interface makes operation easy for new and infrequent users.

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