Document Management for TNT Express

Improving efficiency and customer service at TNT Express

TNT Express, the UK's fastest door-to-door next-day delivery services is using Document Manager to streamline its proof of delivery document processes. The system has been implemented at over 50 sites throughout the UK that handle over 80,000 deliveries a day.

Moving from piles of paper to online efficiency

To deliver around 18 million documents and parcels per annum, TNT Express employed paper-heavy business processes, of which "Proof of Delivery" is a key element. With the deployment of Document Manager, customers can now access this information thanks to a corporate-wide proof of delivery (PoD) capture and management system based on the Document Logistix software.

PoDs are now scanned at the relevant depot, automatically indexed and then uploaded at regular intervals to TNT's head office in Atherstone where they are stored on TNT's Storage Area Network (SAN). Up to 80,000 PoDs are captured and uploaded every day across the network.

Improved information capture and customer service

Thanks to Document Manager, TNT customers can now track deliveries by accessing TNT's Web site and view the signed proof of delivery documents online. The scanning and indexing is tightly integrated within TNT's business and processes. The TNT Web site communicates with the Document Manager Web server, which in turn talks to the Document Manager System Server to retrieve the relevant documents. TNT's general Express core application is Universe, written in C with an Ingres database running on Unix HP-UX11.

The documents are stored as TIFF images and passed back to the Document Manager Web server to be converted into a format that can be viewed on a standard Web browser.

The system also includes PIN security to make sure that only documents relating to individual customers can be viewed by them online.

Benefits of Document Manager

  1. Improved customer service
  2. Streamlined business processes
  3. Improved data security
  4. Less paperwork and reduced storage overheads
  5. Cleaner and more efficient invoicing and faster cashflow
  6. Central management and storage of documents
  7. Easy integration with the existing business applications

The Document Manager Solution

The system was implemented at all 48 TNT sites within twelve weeks from project commencement. Other partners involved in the implementation included Fujitsu, who supplied scanning hardware, StreamServe, who provided print output formatting, and Dicom, who provided scanner support and maintenance managed directly by the Document Logistix Support Desk.

Document images can now be pulled up on-screen in seconds for printing, faxing or emailing - and customers can also view them online via the TNT Web site.

TNT now provide swifter and more accurate information to customers. The system also enables TNT to identify mistaken non-delivery claims - and refute them authoritatively, based on hard copy proof-of-delivery evidence, which is immediately available online.

"The Web site to support these activities also gives us a wider public presence and underlines our commitment to providing quality service, with corresponding marketing and business edge benefits" says TNT Express IT Project Manager Rob Noble.

"The Document Manager functionality is very tightly integrated within our existing main business application and there was no need to redesign existing systems to implement the new scanning and indexing processes," says Noble.

Important elements of the system's success have been the commitment of Document Logistix to meet identified project targets and timescales, and the ongoing partnership to ensure maintenance and support.

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