Paxar clothes itself with Document Manager and Workflow

World leader in retail product identification clothes itself with Document Manager and Workflow

The Paxar Corporation is the world's leading provider of barcode, labelling and other identification technologies for the apparel retail supply chain. It has a presence in 75 countries and has 22 divisions in its European operation alone.Paxar products are used throughout the world by leading apparel brands including 90 percent of the top 100 US retailers and their supply chain partners to
identify, track and price a wide range of goods.Paxar provides the technology, design, identification and consulting solutions that retailers and apparel manufacturers need to maximise efficiency and sales from product concept stage to - final checkout sale, including distribution and logistics. The company is a world class player, setting best- practice standards adopted by the industry worldwide, and a driving force in trade associations that lead the sector.

Reducing paper in the office

Paxar's business involves processing a very large number of documents such as invoices,orders and goods received notes. Substantial further documentation is generated internally in support of processing, authorising and tracking. Until now, this was all handled by paper- based manual systems.These were time - consuming, particularly for managers responsible for authorising invoice payments and orders that frequently had to travel between sites to handle sign – offs. Deadlines were missed, important documents disappeared and paperwork could not keep up with managers.

NCAComp engaged DocuSyst to identify a document management solution that provided:

  1. Central electronic storage for all claims-related documentation
  2. Full integration with the existing claims administration software
  3. The ability to easily send documents to their vendors on a searchable CD-ROM
  4. Scalability of capacity to grow NCAComp's customer base without further investment or expansion of filing cabinet space
  5. Reduction of the costs to transfer and absorb new client claim files

Choosing Document Manager

Paxar UK selected Document Manager to improve its financial processes,strengthen customer care operations and generally achieve a tighter grip on its business.
"The solution was to automate the authorisation process on a document management/workflow platform – linked to a matrix that would define which managers were respons
ible for what cost centres – dependent on value and size of signatory base," says Paxar UK Finance Manager Barry Clayton.

Benefits of Document ManagerSignificant cost savings

  1. Sharper control of documents
  2. Empowerment of staff to focus more directly and effectively on tasks that affect the bottom line
  3. Reduction of paper usage in the office
  4. Central management and storage of records
  5. Streamlines business and administrative processes
  6. Significant time savings for staff

The Document Manager Solution

Following the initial roll- out for purchase ledger, Paxar are now looking to extend the technology to other parts of the company. The next target areas are sales order processing,customer care, a Web - based customer order tracking system,Human Resources management and product development – where the image - base nature of the label products themselves makes Document Manager technology an ideal solution.

One significant benefit is that each transaction can be monitored through the whole process with a full audit trail. This significantly strengthens the ability to demonstrate that proper
procedures and controls are in place. This contributes greatly to transparent corporate governance – crucial for an American - owned company where the statutory framework has
been substantially strengthened by legislation such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

"Our appreciation was that Document Manager was secure, mature technology, functionally rich and offered good price/performance. It provided industrial - strength document management integrated with a reliable workflow engine and offered a high degree of flexibility. Our requirements are diverse, but the pressing need was to address purchase ledger – with the caveat that we could roll the technology out to other areas of the business," says Barry Clayton, UK Finance Manager.

"The end result is a solution that does what it claimed, delivered on time and to budget. It worked first time with minimal fixes, delivered the expected benefits on the initial pilot project and has provided a reliable platform to extend these benefits across the enterprise. Significantly, it is enabling us to accomplish this with maximum exploitation of our initial investment," says Barry Clayton, UK Finance Manager.

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