Document Management for Norfolk Constabulary

Document Logistix help the Norfolk Constabulary enforce efficient document management.

The Norfolk Constabulary is a 270-year-old police force serving the county of Norfolk. The constabulary employed out-dated paper document filing systems that incurred high costs and compromised performance. Norfolk Constabulary chose Document Manager to solve its document imaging and archiving challenges.

Criminally slow paper processes

The Criminal Justice Service department within the Norfolk Constabulary manages over 20,000 crime and court files annually, in addition to thousands of Fixed Penalty Notices, Penalty Notices for Disorder and related documentation. The unit liaises with police officers and maintains a link with the Crown Prosecution Service, the Courts and other criminal justice agencies. The constabulary is required by law to retain copies of all documentation and correspondence.

There were three key areas of concern with the existing paper-based document filing system. The constabulary was having difficulty in keeping up with the increasing demands for physical filing space. The rent for the required office space was also becoming an increasing burden. Users found the filing cabinets did not allow efficient document retrieval. Slow document retrieval was limiting the force's ability to deliver top-quality service.

The constabulary decided to address these issues through the deployment of an electronic document management (DM) system. It was hoped that this would eliminate paper storage, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of customer service.

Choosing Document Manager from among the usual DM suspects

Once the decision was reached that electronic document management, imaging and archiving were required, the constabulary considering all the options available. Examination of a range of successful deployments of Document Manager software convinced the constabulary that Document Managerâ„¢ was the solution that would best meet its demanding and diverse Enterprise Content Management requirements.

Benefits of Document Manager

  1. High-quality document image capture
  2. Retrieval of documents takes seconds rather than minutes
  3. Elimination of expensive paper storage
  4. High levels of support from the Document Logistix support team
  5. Highly scalable modular software solution
  6. Improved information back-up and disaster contingency
  7. Improved customer service and staff efficiency

The Document Manager Solution

Document Manager provides the platform for an entirely new crime and court document management system within the Norfolk Constabulary. Document Manager enables the constabulary to significantly reduce the operational costs associated with the storage and retrieval of documents, and it enables the constabulary to improve customer service and staff satisfaction by accelerating the frustratingly slow paper-based information storage processes it had historically relied on.

Document Manager offered the constabulary an easy-to-install and highly scalable document management system that was flexible enough to address all of the constabulary's document management requirements. Document Manager provided the secure storage of sensitive and confidential documents that the constabulary needed and it enabled the constabulary to dramatically improve access to information for all authorised users.

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