digital Document Management System for Central England Co-Operative Society

Reducing reliance on paper documents with digital systems

The Central England Co-operative Society was operating two legacy content management systems that were old and no longer supported by their manufacturers. The society wanted to move all its businesses onto one standardised Enterprise Content Management system.

The society's main objective was to reduce reliance on paper documents. There were clear benefits for the society from moving to a modern Document Management (DM) solution, especially as the society had recently invested heavily in linking all its remote locations on one wide area network.

The society was spending £70k per annum on third party scanning and indexing and was looking for a way to reduce these costs. The intention was to use the Multi-Function Devices (MFD's) already purchased across the society to perform this scanning in-house. The society wanted to achieve as much automatic content indexing as possible.

Choosing Document Manager

Konica Minolta, a Platinum Partner, recommended Document Manager to the Central England Co-op. The society carried out a full procurement process, assessing a number of systems via full software demonstrations and reference visits. Once Document Manager was identified as the preferred solution, the society's IT team carried out a Proof of Concept project covering many aspects of the business requirements including auto-indexed invoice scanning, screen scraping, workflow business system interfaces and legacy system data migration.

Across a range of document types, the Document Manager solution offered significant advantages such as the ability to index via barcodes. Also, Document Manager's ability to retrieve documents from business applications, such as the accounts payable and general ledger systems would speed up document retrieval.

"The society were impressed by the Document Manager document management package's flexibility to cope with different business requirements and the range of document types within each business" said Simon Frodsham, Project Manager.

Benefits of Document Manager

  1. Reduction of paper usage
  2. Improved staff efficiency and reduction in workload
  3. Flexibility to handle wide range of document types
  4. Indexing of documents via barcode
  5. Reduction in spend on third-party scanning services
  6. Documents are now warehoused via scanning at their source

Document Manager™ in action at Central England Co-op

Since going live in April 2009, the Document Manager system has been stable with no performance issues and has not been affected by over three million documents being migrated from legacy solutions.

Document Manager has assisted the Central England Co-op in achieving the objectives of reducing paper usage within the society, making the organisation more environmentally friendly, becoming increasingly efficient, providing an effective Disaster Recovery strategy and securing customer and operational data.

Within the society, there are many different businesses; the initial programme delivery included the 'big wins' for improved document management within Finance, HR, Property, Retail and the Capital Approval workflows. As the benefits are realised in those parts of the organisation the need for Document Manager's efficiency benefits will become apparent elsewhere in the society's operations.

"The Document Manager solution is extremely versatile delivering a vast range of DM solutions with impressive features including its intuitive and easy-to-use application, its ability to interface with all our systems to date and the speed of the document retrieval" said Simon Frodsham, Project Manager.

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