Lex Vehicle Leasing drives to Document Manager

Lex Vehicle Leasing is the country's largest company car and van specialist.

A joint venture company owned by Halifax Bank of Scotland and the RAC, Lex Leasing serves 20,000 UK businesses including two-thirds of the FTSE top 100 firms.

Paper mountain

For each vehicle, Lex has to maintain an extensive file of documents, including ownership forms, contracts and a variety of other material. This includes documents regarding accidents to vehicles owned by the company, such as letters from repair garages, solicitors' letters and invoices for work that has been completed. Paperwork has to be kept for as long as Lex owns the car.

The documents have to be stored securely yet muust also be easily accessible to various departments – at three locations: Manchester, the firm's main operating office, as well as Marlow in Buckinghamshire, and Stirling in Scotland. Under a former, mainly manual paper system, there were often delays in tracking down relevant documents and getting them to the staff that required access. Documents could often be misfiled or lost.

Choosing Document Manager for Leasing

"Because our business is all about service, we wanted a system that was rugged enough to handle a very demanding application, reliable, easy to use and fitted in with our existing applications without too much tailoring," says Lex Service Delivery Manager Debbie Morgan.

"Document Manager met all these requirements and also offered the ability to provide Web access via our own network to users – currently over 40 but expected soon to double, with several users per machine. The implementation was trouble-free and the system didn't require customisation – we used it pretty much out of the box".

Leasing benefits of Document Management software

  1. Reduction in loss of documents
  2. Automation of business critical information
  3. Improved access to documents
  4. Improved staff efficiency and productivity
  5. Central management and storage of documents
  6. Secure access of documents to authorised users

The Document Manager Leasing Solution

Document Manager ensures Lex has a streamlined business process that provides rapid, reliable and secure access to all documents, enabling their staff to respond more quickly and professionally to queries from customers and suppliers, and to provide a better service. And because the original documents - once scanned - are stored securely, the system helps Lex better meet its regulatory obligations.

The system allows staff at three locations to access information and documents without causing any delay or misplacing information.

Document Manager provides a service that means queries can be dealt with efficiently and quickly.

Document management software systems save space within the office environment, reducing the paper mountains that occur due to the length of time documents need to be kept.



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