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Document Manager: remote working and better business performance at Accounting firm Hillier Hopkins LLP

Established in 1933, Hillier Hopkins LLP is a growing, regional accountancy firm, serving London and the Home Counties. The company has offices in London, Watford, Hemel Hempstead and Aylesbury and serves a broad mix of clients from sole traders to large multinational corporations.

Traditionally, the company had employed a physical paper filing system to retain customer information but as operations expanded over the years to multiple sites, a number of issues of business efficiency and information accessibility emerged. The company required an increasing area of expensive office space to house the document filing cabinets. There was a recurring problem of files being located at the wrong office when staff required them, and often staff were finding that they had to travel between offices to gain access to the information required to serve clients. All of this was wasting valuable office space and staff time.

The company also felt that the storage of crucial customer information in a paper format provided inadequate disaster recovery protection.

Choosing Document Manager for Accounting

The Hillier Hopkins LLP management team identified the need for a centralised electronic document management (EDM) system. A committee of representatives from across all parts of the business was established to find the right EDM solution. The committee assessed five EDM solutions and narrowed this down to just two. The Document Manager solution was chosen as the preferred option because of the superior track record of Document Logistix in document scanning and supporting remote offices.

The committee were impressed with the ability Document Logistix to enable efficient remote scanning of documents into the central system, and by the ability of the development team based at Milton Keynes to customise the Document Manager package to include some special features that Hillier Hopkins LLP staff required.

The compan's existing document structure also required incorporation into the EDM system. Document Manager's drawer and folder structure matched up to the old system easily.

Benefits of Document Manager for Accounting Firms

  1. Reduction of paper use and storage costs
  2. Improved staff access to documents across multiple offices and off-site
  3. Faster access for staff to new documentation
  4. Efficient remote and home working
  5. Improved disaster recovery
  6. Improved staff efficiency and customer service
  7. Ease of deployment and adoption
  8. Strong customer support
  9. Ease of customisation
  10. Support for document scanning at remote offices.

Document Manager™ improved accounting staff efficiency.

Like other large accountancy firms, Hiller Hopkins LLP handles large volumes of documentation from sources such as Companies House and HMRC. These documents are now scanned into Document Manager upon receipt. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to make new information available to staff across all offices, at home and overseas.

The company is implementing electronic delivery of all scanned post using Document Manager's workflow functionality. This revolutionises the business by making documents visible to staff everywhere on the same day they are received. The system has also eliminated the risk of losing documents within the internal mail system.

"The biggest change we have seen is the reduction in filing space in the offices. At the Hemel Hempstead office we have removed over 25 full height cabinets allowing us to put many more desks into the offices" said Barrie Cox, IT Manager at Hillier Hopkins LLP.

By providing document access for staff at all sites and at home, Document Manager dramatically enhanced the company's ability to continue operations. During the UK's snow storms in January and February 2010, staff were able to work uninterrupted at home or at any office they could reach with full access to customer documentation. This prevented losses of staff time, which normally would never be recovered.

Deployment of Document Manager proved easy and staff have found the software very simple to understand. "We currently have 2.4 million pages of information in Document Manager with 1,500 being added per day." said Barrie Cox, IT Manager.

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