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Builders Glossbrook improve construction processes with digital document management software

Glossbrook Builders have been building affordable, quality properties for clients in Dorset, Hampshire and the surrounding area for over 25 years. The company employs over 40 staff and generates large volumes of paper documents in its day-to-day business.

Paper Volumes

Due to the volumes of documents they deal with, Glossbrook identified a need to reduce inefficiency in dealing with those documents, particularly purchase invoices, and wanted to drive down the costs associated with storing their paperwork. There were problems in finding the space to store their paper documents and with the increasing volume of documents came greater difficulties in finding anything within a reasonable amount of time. In addition, the company was spending thousands of pounds on storage space and a part-time filing clerk.

Building: Choosing Document Manager

After examining the document management solutions in the market, Glossbrook chose Document Manager as their preferred solution. Major factors in choosing Document Manager were the audit trail feature, its ability to integrate with IRIS Exchequer and the speed with which documents could be recalled.

"As we already have IRIS Exchequer accounting software and Document Manager is linked to it, it was the preferred choice and although we looked at several other systems, none would integrate with our accounting software" said Angela Ford, Finance Manager at Glossbrook.

The company also needed to optimise their storage facility and cut down on paper, in turn reducing the space needed to store documents. Document Manager enables storage requirements to be dramatically reduced while allowing documents to be available at the touch of a button.

Glossbrook are hoping to move further forward in automating their storage and document retrieval system to incorporate contract files that are currently paper-based. Document Manager provides a document management solution to meet these aspirations and grow with their business.

Benefits of Document Manager in Building and Construction

  1. Seamless integration with IRIS Exchequer
  2. Simple-to-use interface
  3. Reduction in paper use and storage
  4. Ability to recall documents quickly and easily
  5. Full audit trail of all events, including user actions
  6. Powerful and flexible search tools
  7. Savings in time, effort and money

The Document Manager Solution for Building and Construction

Document Manager is a complete document management solution that centrally manages the flow and storage of information throughout an organisation. The software facilitates tight control of access and editing, with online access for authorised users.

The Document Manager solution has enabled Glossbrook to make considerable business savings, both in time and money. "We have seen a significant reduction in time spent searching for documents. We also noticed at our first annual audit since the deployment of Document Manager that the time the Auditors spent with us was reduced from about nine or ten days to five days because everything they needed was immediately available to view or print as necessary" said Angela Ford, Glossbrook Finance Manager.

Documents can now be recalled almost instantaneously and easily circulated to heads of department, without losing vital information. The search tools enable documents to be easily located using a variety of methods. The audit trail also means that it is possible to trace exactly who has seen a particular document, increasing personal accountability.

Glossbrook have also been able to redeploy a part-time staff member to another part of the business, because they no longer require a filing clerk. As a result, they have removed the need to employ an additional staff member.

There were specific challenges to overcome during installation due to recent implementation of IRIS Exchequer but Glossbrook were highly satisfied with the professional approach of the Document Logistix consultants and their ability to resolve any problems.

Using the Document Manager system requires little training. The intuitive Drawer/Folder/Document structure and standard interface makes operation easy for both new and infrequent users.

Document Manager enables Glossbrook to be at the forefront of technology and ensure that they make the best use of their resources.



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