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Document Logistix takes Gateway College paperless to save time, and improve enrolment and compliance

Located in Hamilton, Leicester, Gateway College's mission is to make a positive and lasting contribution to the lifelong learning of the people of Leicester and Leicestershire.

The college employs more than 200 staff and helps 1,800 learners on the roll each year.

When the College was moving from its Leicester city centre campus to a new campus outside the city centre at Hamilton it made the switch from paper documents to a digital system. The numbers of documents associated with each student is significant and totals reach 10,000 each year that have to captured, stored, shared, retrieved and amended, as well as kept in a compliant manner.

Digitisation of student records has transformed ease of access for authorised administrative and teaching staff, and save a huge amount of time in capturing and maintaining information. Trips to filing cabinets are thing of the past. A system integrated with fast Fujitsu scanners means student information can be captured and indexed rapidly, and subsequently searched in seconds from anywhere on campus.

“Records are scanned via fast, integrated Fujitsu scanners or incorporated from electronic media and saved by student ID", added Richard Thomas, MIS and Exams Manager, Gateway Community College

The College has much improved the availability of information for all of its staff.

The College also moved further to meeting its goal of achieving more environmentally sustainable business practices, which includes a reduction in its paper usage.

Choosing Document Manager

"The College looked in detail at a wide range of Document Management (DM) solutions that might be suitable for educational establishments. Some solutions were very, very expensive and very complicated to use. These solutions were probably designed for huge enterprises, but they were too expensive for the College's budget. Other systems seemed cheap and cheerful and would not have been able to cope with the College's varied requirements. Document Manager struck the right balance of price and functionality. It allowed us to start off small and grow as we needed to," said Paul Taylor, Network and Corporate Data Manager.

Document Manager's unique modular document management solution allowed the college to start with quite a narrow deployment and then roll out the DM solution department by department. The software was deployed incrementally to improve the efficiency of each of the college's internal processes, such as enrolment.

Benefits of Document Manager

  1. Reduction of paper usage and storage
  2. Improved staff efficiency
  3. Streamlined business processes, such as enrolment
  4. Indexing of documents via barcode
  5. Administration tools that allow easy set-up and deployment
  6. Simple integration with legacy business systems

Document Manager™ delivers at Gateway College

The Document Manager system had the flexibility to enable teams and departments around the college to automate their document management and business process in exactly the way that suited their needs. The software has enabled much better use of and wider availability of information across the College.

The Document Manager solution has improved a multitude of business issues and processes. Enrolment has been made paperless and much more efficient. Staff no longer rely on paper documents. Instead there is now a direct link on each student's bio page within the web portal to the documents held within Document Manager. The Student Services team no longer physically archives student files at the end of the academic year. These documents now remain stored securely and are available when needed within the document management system.

"Users in the College have found Document Manager easy to use. There have been no server issues at all and the speed of the system has been very good," said Paul Taylor, Network and Corporate Data Manager.

The college intends to continue rolling the Document Manager technology out to improve the efficiency of its operations. "We intend to carry on what we have started and to expand to other areas of the college now that we have settled at our new site" said Paul Taylor, Network and Corporate Data Manager. The future applications of the document management system include taking the Human Resources department paperless. The software will then be employed in digitising the management system used by the Examinations team.

Staff at the college have had nothing but positive feedback for the support given to the solution deployed by the team: "the Document Logistix Help Desk has been extremely effective and efficient, as have the consultants we have had working on site with us".

Richard Thomas added: “Document Manager works, so you never have to deal with it that much, which is a sign of good software.”

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