Case study: Documents under control for the Virginia State Police

Police: Document Management for Floyd County Sheriff's Office

With an area of 550 square miles and a population of 90,000, Floyd County Sheriff's Office has 135 officers and support staff. Supporting a critical function with a diverse area was a challenge, particularly because the support processes were manual and bogged down with paper. No PCs, no microfilm; just paper. The Document Manager application replaced the completely paper-based filing system. Implemented by Comnetix, formerly Paragon Total Solutions, the new system produced immediate, significant benefits in the first 90 days. Floyd County continues to automate additional processes and take advantage of strong feature of Document Manager.

Moving away from the paper trail

At Floyd County Sheriff's Office, the experience of moving to document Management was a significant shift in their business processes. Floyd County moved directly from a paper-based filing system straight to a sophisticated PC network solution with full Document Manager functionality. Now, the benefits of rapid scanning and imaging, automatic indexing, full text searching and archiving are available at the touch of a button. Previously, multiple daily trips were required to various parts of the building to gather information from paper files. Files were stored in a shelving system that had to be manually cranked to move rows of shelves to get to the data. Getting information was time-consuming and inefficient. Using Document Manager, business data can be retrieved virtually instantly with just a few keystrokes.

"This is our first electronic solution," says Floyd County's Lt. Mark Blanton. "Before, the paper filing was inefficient. It often took a long time to find information, and frequently involved long walks to the other end of the building. The argument for replacing it by a computer-based network with full document management capability was overwhelming".

Choosing Document Manager

Floyd County Sheriff's Office was looking for a document management system that was reliable, easy to use and minimized the amount of paper used in the office.

"Now, we can scan in all relevant material – text, handwritten documents, photographs, other images, forms and literally anything that fits under a scanner platen," says Lt. Blanton. "The system automatically indexes everything – text and images – and tucks it away in a single folder. The indexing means that we have full search capability so a user can get at anything in seconds. Before, once someone had taken a file out nobody else could use until it had been put back. Now, there is no restriction on how many people access any file at the same time".

Police benefits of Document Manager

  1. Ease of access to documents
  2. Immediate data retrieval
  3. Recovered office space saved through elimination of filing shelves
  4. Central management and storage of documents
  5. Improved staff efficiency and productivity
  6. Secure access of documents to authorized users
  7. Virtually eliminated use of paper

Police; The Document Manager Solution

Document Manager is a powerful DM solution that centrally manages the access and storage of information throughout an organization. Critical business information is securely protected to ensure only authorized users.

Document Manager's archive ability enabled Floyd County Sheriff's Office to electronically store 10 years of key data. Access to these tens of thousands of documents is secure and instantaneous as a result of implementing Document Managers automated indexing. Using the robust full text search functionality, information retrieval is simple and quick.

'Now, if we are interviewing someone who is helping with our inquiries, we can check their record out instantly. The integrity of the electronic files provides more assurance of accuracy and better supports lines of investigation that may previously have been obscure,' says Lt. Blanton.

The audit feature of Document Manager enabled the Floyd County Sheriff's Office to enforce appropriate access to file. Case files can contain very sensitive data. Previously, if the paper data was mishandled, there was no way of identifying the breech. Now an administrator can view every change made to the file by viewing the audit log.

Document Manager streamlined many of Floyd County Sheriff's Office's operational processes. Business processes are now efficient, automated and secure. The document management solution provides many business benefits.



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