DHL uses our Document Manager software to automate business processes

DHL Exel Supply Chain provides a wide range of supply chain and logistics solutions to a large industrial clients around the world. The company offers these customers transport management, engineering response, inventory management, lead logistics partnering, network restructuring, and warehousing services.

Employees were swamped with paper survey forms

The "Tell it how it is" survey is issued to all 15,000 employees in DHL Exel Supply Chain's consumer and food retail division.

Historically, the survey had been carried out on paper forms, and had caused a huge flow of paper that literally swamped the desks of the employees managing the survey.

The logistics giant used our Document Manager software to automate the process of capturing and collating the huge volumes of survey data generated annually by the feedback programme.

Choosing Document Manager

DHL Exel supply chain selected our Document Manager software suite because it was able to provide fast and efficient processing of employee response forms generated by the "Tell it how is" staff surveys.

"Document Manager was simply the most cost-effective way of achieving our aims. We could how the system had worked for other organisations with similar challenges, and how its use brought significant and beneficial changes to business processes" said Richard Baldwin Hay.

Logistics benefits of Document Manager

  1. Streamlines paper intensive business processes such as employee surveying
  2. Improves the capture, storage, and processing of information
  3. Significantly improves personal and organisational productivity
  4. Enhances the speed, accuracy and ease with which people work
  5. Virtually eliminates paperwork on desks
  6. Provides a high level of security for the information being captured

The Document Manager Logistics Solution

Document Manager dramatically improved the capture, storage, and processing of the respondent's forms. It allows DHL to accurately capture and assess staff opinions and help identify ways to enhance well-being and morale.

"Document Manager fully automates the process of capturing and collating the responses from each of the returned forms, thereby allowing the company to very quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses that each of its employees think exists within the business. This enables DHL Exel Supply Chain to efficiently target areas that can be improved." commented Richard Baldwin Hay, Project Manager at DHL.

Document Manager stores and provides access to all DHL's "Tell it how it is" survey forms completed by their employees. The system allows staff to have access to all the documents they need electronically through Document Manager at any DHL location, at any time.

Document Manager has enabled the storage space requirements and stationery costs associated with the survey to be virtually eliminated.

Document Manager provides high levels of security. User access rights can be tailored and easily administered, providing complete control over who has access to documents. The system is compliant with all freedom of information and data protection legislation.

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