Retail Document Management Case Study. Document Management for Coffee Nation.

Cutting down on storage and streamlining business processes at Coffee Nation Ltd.

Coffee Nation's Head Office is based in Loudwater with 60 staff. Established in 1997, they specialise in Gourmet coffee on the go.

Coffee Nation Ltd have approx. 700 outlets throughout the UK, consisting of concession units in third party premises (Tesco, Moto, Sainsburys, Esso, etc). The public buy self-serve coffee from the units installed at these locations.

Too much paper

"Our office was getting too small to hold all our invoices; office space was being taken over by filing cabinets. We knew that using a document management system would reduce our storage needs", said James Repper, Financial Controller.

Filing and retrieving documents was time-consuming, and it was impacting staff performance. Staff found the system particularly frustrating when dealing with telephone enquiries.

The system also only enabled one staff member to view a file at any given moment – causing further frustration and delays. The paper system provided no backup of the information it contained, and was therefore dangerously exposed to the risk of disaster.

Choosing Document Manager

Coffee Nation chose the Document Manager solution due to its tight integration with their existing accounting system, IRIS Exchequer.

"After an initial introduction of Document Manager at an IRIS customer day, we immediately knew that we could benefit from using Document Manager, in particular, the electronic authorisation system, to be able to streamline our business processes."

"We wanted a document management solution that would streamline the way it handled all of its operational, and client information, and which would allow Coffee Nation staff to spend less time looking for information and more time getting on with serving customers."

Benefits of Document Manager for Retail

  1. Significant reduction of paper in the office
  2. Enquiries can be dealt with more quickly
  3. Easy integration with IRIS Exchequer
  4. Streamlines business processes
  5. Reduced requirement for document storage space
  6. Removal of locally stored duplicate documents

The Document Manager Retail Solution

Document Manager is a powerful and comprehensive archiving and document workflow software solution that goes far beyond the conventional capture and storage of documents. It centrally manages the flow of documents through an organisation, maintaining constant document and user security by controlling who can have access to specific documents and files. It provides tight control of file and document editing – yet provides immediate on-line access to those who are authorised – all under a highly disciplined central control regime.

With the integrated Document Manager and IRIS Exchequer system deployed across the enterprise, Coffee Nation staff no longer need to store a paper copy of documents in each office. Staff now have access to all the documents they need electronically through Document Manager at any Coffee Nation location, at any time.

Document Manager allows staff to manage files easily through the tight integration with IRIS Exchequer. In addition, they can share documents via email and access them via a Web browser. It will also help them to process supplier invoices more quickly this year.

With Document Manager, staff can see how each invoice is progressing. The system provides a record of all actions being taken by authorisers, and reports any delays, and if an invoice has been sent to the wrong person.

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