Document Management for Ceva Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

Document Management streamlines Ceva's vehicle fleet maintenance.

Document Manager has been deployed by the Engineering Department of Ceva Logistics to streamline maintenance of its 4000 vehicle fleet. The software benefits 700 users at 160 different Ceva locations throughout the UK.

The unique Document Manager software manages all vehicle compliance documentation and has been integrated with Ceva's existing Fleet Management System to enable Ceva to achieve full VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Service Agency) compliance approval and significantly improve Ceva's administration processes.

Overflowing filing cabinets and tonnes of internal mail

Piles of paper and rows of filing cabinets created all the usual problems of lost and misfiled documents. Even worse, Ceva had to distribute paper copies of some documents to 160 different sites to ensure compliance with spot check inspections by VOSA personnel. This was achieved by photocopying, posting and faxing.

"It was time-consuming, inefficient, slow and a waste of resource," says Ceva Logistics Project Manager, Sally Astley. "And as the scale of our operations grew, it became clear that we needed a radical new solution. The Document Manager software had already been adopted by the Finance, Human Resources and Payroll departments so there was a body of existing experience of the product that we could confidently consult".

Choosing Document Manager for Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

"It was not a difficult decision to go for Document Manager. The system is industrial strength, is scalable for increasingly heavy deployment, and its user-friendly screens and functions have a familiar look-and-feel. We also liked the way it comes as a full solution with users able to 'cherry-pick' system features as and when required."

"The way Document Manager is structured means we can choose to pay only for what we need at any particular time – but have instant access to other elements as and when necessary" says Astley.

Benefits of Document Manager for Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

  1. Central management and storage of documents
  2. Easy distribution of information to remote sites
  3. Intelligent use of the data
  4. Staff efficiency
  5. Tight control of document security
  6. Virtual elimination of paper in the office
  7. Savings in storage overheads
  8. Highly scalable modular design system

The Document Manager Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Solution

Ceva integrated Document Manager with the existing Fleet Management System, which electronically manages the whole engineering operation. The software's flexibility lent itself well to achieving this and the resulting solution met all Ceva's requirements.

The software was integrated into the FMS's SQL back-end database with Citrix-compatible applications running on a Windows 2003 Server. On average, Ceva raise 200 vehicle defect sheets every day. These are generated by depots into the FMS system. These are cross-referenced within Document Manager and then confirmed, for example, by a garage or workshop that has completed repair work on a vehicle. When the vehicle is signed off as roadworthy, this triggers a confirmation to pay the garage.

Deployment of this system improved Ceva's support to its suppliers, improving relationships and delivering quicker responses, higher quality service, enhanced loyalty.

"When we get the document back centrally we can scan it in to the system with the required approval signature. One of the system 'smarts' is that Document Manager optionally reads a unique defect number and performs a query search against FMS to confirm a correct and satisfactory workflow status" says Astley.

Once the information relating to a job is scanned into Document Manager, the paper documents can be thrown away. Previously it took one person a whole day to process and file defect sheets, now it's the work of just 20 minutes. Once the information is in the system, FMS is constantly reviewing the Document Manager data.

"We have FMS in over 100 sites and any of the 600 authorised users can view any document instantly. Other elements include Document Manager Sorting Office and Document Manager Web which offers the same document access remotes via any standard Web browser with no reduction of functionality or security," says Ceva Logistics Project Manager, Sally Astley



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