Document Management for Ceva Logistics

Ceva Logistics streamlines business processes with Document Manager

Ceva Logistics is a global provider of mail, express and logistics services. Ceva Logistics is a leading global logistics company. It designs, implements and operates complex supply chain solutions on a national, regional or global scale for medium to large enterprises. Through its freight forwarding unit, it provides air and sea freight services within an international network.

Improved workflow, data storage and access

Ceva Logistics has been using the Document Manager and workflow solution in key financial and corporate business processes – to reap substantial benefits and cost savings. These include a substantial time reduction in VAT reclaim, more efficient payment to suppliers and significant improvements in customer service through more rapid response to query resolution.

Information previously stored on paper documents is now held securely in electronic format with wider, easier and more convenient access for all relevant personnel. Nothing goes missing, data backup and disaster recovery is more assured, and through Document Manager's Web access functionality, authorised staff can view documents online via a standard Web browser from any location.

Choosing Document Manager

"We identified the fact that certain emerging and rapidly developing business process technologies – such as document management and workflow – offered a platform to improve performance and cut costs. The board decided to go for a new IT infrastructure that would support a tighter grip on the business and support business growth. A key element was document management" says Ceva Logistics Project Manager, Sally Astley.

"For some time, we had been holding documents electronically and had a scanning facility in place – for example, in HR – but we wanted a more complete solution that would cover a wider brief. And we wanted a solution provider that would be a partner and not just a vendor".

Benefits of Document Manager

  1. Central management and storage of documents
  2. Tight control of document security
  3. Easy integration with the existing IT systems
  4. Substantial time reduction in VAT reclaim
  5. Customer enquiries can be dealt with more efficiently
  6. Improved productivity and enhanced customer service

The Document Manager Solution

"Document Manager had been used before in other parts of the group and was the preferred supplier. We did evaluate other competitive offerings, but with our previous experience of Document Manager it wasn't a difficult decision to choose it again for the new application areas." said Astley.

Document Manager's Web browser feature made a significant impact on the organisation's efficiency. Documents no longer had to be physically circulated as staff across the business now had instant access to them.

The high level of document security was also important – both at the document and the user level, as it delivered the high standards of data protection that Ceva Logistics required.

The workflow elements were able to dramatically improve the invoice processing performance within the organisation. The system was able to electronically capture and distribute invoices for rapid internal authorisation – dramatically improving the efficiency of the Accounts Payable team and improving supplier relations.

Document Manager has now been implemented within the Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Engineering departments at Ceva Logistics.

Documents for the three projects are held on the Document Manager server situated in the Ceva Logistics corporate data centre. In addition to these functions, Ceva Logistics is also looking at extending the use of Document Manager to other areas of their business, including contracts, leases and delivery documents.

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