Health and Wellbeing virtual event

Business Live Health and Wellbeing virtual event
Thursday 25th February 2021

Work-life balance, remote work wellbeing and productivity, motivation, mental health, management support and team connectivity have all been brought into even sharper focus in the past year. It’s timely to talk! The event will feature experts who will present trends in mental health and provide practical insights into structures that can help you to maintain a healthy, valued, productive workforce.

The event is free for HR Managers, Hiring Managers, and Health and Wellbeing Experts

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Emilie Barlow, Sales Director, Document Logistix

Remote Working Software and Digital Document Management Solutions

I help forward thinking businesses to ensure they are compliant and following best practice by helping them to gain full control of their data, documents, and client and staff information....

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Daryl Woodhouse, Founder ABP, MFP and Bright Stars Group

Mental Fitness and Productivity

Global keynote speaker, with 30 awards to my name (and my own first-hand experience of mental burnout) I equip business leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs with the tools they need to achieve more, without sacrificing everything....

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Michael Stephens, Founder Create Space and Corpwell UK


Michael diverted from his original career path, Global Head of creative design for companies such as Liberty of London and Virgin, to become a well-being advocate after overcoming life-changing events and mental health challenges....

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Mark Glenister, Volunteer Manager, My Black Dog

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

I am a highly-motivated management professional with years of experience in a range of settings, most recently in recruitment and development. I am excellent at adapting to new situations and environments....

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Jon Manning, Founder, Arthur Ellis Mental Health

Corporate Mental Health and Wellness

After living with mental illness for 20 years, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and EUPD. It was a few years later that I retrained and learnt how to effectively manage mental health and well-being....

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Arran Stewart, Founder and CVO of, NASDAQ Contributor

Resilience and Leadership

Arran James Stewart is a global keynote speaker and the co-founder of blockchain recruitment platform Relying on a decade worth of experience in the recruitment industry....

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Navrita Atwal, CEO Equality Council UK

Diversity and Equality Leader

Navrita Atwal is the Chief Executive of Equality Council UK as well as the Chair of Centric Community Projects reaching out to over 100 charities throughout the UK....

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Ravi Summan, Health and Fitness Expert

Keynote Speaker and Presenter for The Sikh Channel on SKY

The majority of my career has been as a sales professional, with over 19 years experience working in telecommunications and IT, financial services and the software industries....

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